Saturday, December 15, 2007

How I Met The Divine Miss M

I've just got back from dinner with The Divine Miss M. It was absolute magic to see her again without having to type a single word ;)

Now before I continue, let me fill you in on the long history of our friendship. We didn't start out as friends. Believe it or not, The Peeb and The Divine Miss M were in fact in pre-school together, along with DJ Mike ... at
The Children's Workshop, where I'd been just 3 years before them. The three of them were all best of friends. The Peeb and The Divine Miss M in particular, so much so that she even joined our family on holiday occasionally.

Then much time passed and The Peeb and The Divine Miss M lost touch thru attending different schools. DJMike stayed part of our life because our Mom's became best of friends too.

Then after The Lying Pilot and I had broken up and I re-grouped and started seeing more of my friends again, I started spending a little more time with EvilBob and Bokkie and their new friends. And thru them I met this girl called Miss M. One evening we all went to a party at her house and I ended up in her room chatting to someone (yes, actually chatting ... nothing more sinister) and I picked up her drivers license and student card (as one does) and read her full name. The Divine Miss M. I cut my converstaion short (being slightly on my way past tipsy) and went running thru her house shouting "Oh my God, you're The Divine Miss M" repeatedly until I found her. She was very nonchalant and was like "Yes, I am. So what?". "You don't understand," I replied. "I'm Phillygirl ... The Peeb's sister". And then we spent about 5 minutes jumping up and down screaming at each other with realisation.

After which I promptly phoned The Peeb and DJMike bragging to them that they would never believe where I was, I was at The Divine Miss M's house.

The Divine Miss M and I have been practically inseparable since then. I say practically only because although we are currently separated by time and space, this has no effect on our friendship at all. Much the same as Jam (who I'll be seeing on Tuesday) and I. It doesn't matter how often we speak or see each other ... when we do, it's like nothing has changed at all. These are true friends :)

So anyway, back to today ... I also got to see The Gum for the first time since February today ... he's getting old but he wasn't too bad. Mom & Daddio say he was putting on a bit of a show, trying to remember and chat with me, and this tired him out this afternoon. I can't really tell yet but, I'll be seeing more of him in my 2 weeks here so we'll see.

The Divine Miss M and I had a lovely catch-up dinner (we haven't actually seen each other in person for 3 years now) at The Fat Cactus, my favourite Cape Town Mexican restaurant. We enjoyed a whole jug of frozen strawberry margarita's, the best chilli poppers in the world and some truly fab fajita's.

And now I'm off to bed :) And it's 6:41am Sunday, Varen-time ... He's apparently off to The Gold Coast later today, wherever that is (will have to do some google-ing).

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The Divine Miss M said...

It was a fanastic dinner and so good to see you! I'm looking forward to lunch and shopping sometime next week :)

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