Sunday, December 16, 2007

Relaxing Sunday

Today has not been especially eventful. The Peeb and I were supposed to head off to visit our crazy aunt in Riebeck for the day, but we both woke to the gentle sound of Cape Town rain. And, even tho Riebeck is a good hours drive from here, it happened to be raining there too. We decided to skip it and instead Peeby came over and we went off to Cavendish Square for some Christmas shopping - she managed to get her gift for Daddio and spend her birthday gift vouchers.

Let me say that Cavendish has changed a helluva lot since I was last there. We tried out this new little Kauai-type shop called Osumo. The smoothies were nice, although more expensive than Kauai, as if you thought that could be possible. The food looks nice but since they're currently only based in the Western Cape, I don't know when I'll ever get the chance to try it out - unless I find myself back at Cavendish before I head home.

This evening I was supposed to go for drinks with Interviewing For a Husband, to just generally catch up and of course so I could finally see the ring. Sadly she found out that her gran died a little earlier today so our plans have been postponed. Which means I'm left to enjoy a nice quiet evening at home. I am loving being on holiday :) But, all in all I didn't end up doing a single thing I'd had planned for today ...

I was hoping to get to chat to Varen a little online this afternoon. He had dinner on a boat cruising down the Brisbane River and was unfortunately to eshausted by the time he got home. At least I know he's thinking of me from all the smses, but it sure would be nice to actually have a more two-way interaction for a change. He's off to the Australia Zoo (Home of the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin) tomorrow, I am hugely jealous!

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