Thursday, December 20, 2007

Social Butterfly

So I've been fairly busy (considering it's my holiday and I'm lounging around as much as possible) since I last posted.

I met up with The Divine Miss M for an afternoon stroll around Kirstenbosch gardens. What a fabulous way to spend a warm summer afternoon :) Although the service at their Silvertree Restaurant left an awful lot to be desired (The Divine Miss M eventually gave up waiting and went to hunt down a waiter herself) and the toilets were in a revolting state - certainly not up to par for what one would expect considering it is a fairly major Cape Town tourist spot!

Today I finally managed to have lunch with Jam :) Jam is my oldest friend in the whole world, we've known each other since our first year at school (Sub A back in my day, but that's Grade One for you lot). We've been friends thruout although not always a very big part of each other's lives. It's a special sort of friendship where we don't see each other on any sort of regular basis but when we do see each other, it's like we've never been apart. It was lovely to catch up with her, things are going fabulously with her & her man - he's a friend of Bean's and we set them up 2 years ago on another Cape Town Christmas holiday :) She's off to the Eastern Cape at the end of Dec to start her Occupational Therapy Community Service year.

We lunched at Greens in Constantia. Mostly we chatted away, but we did share a very nice pizza for lunch and enjoyed a glass of wine each :)

Then I went to visit The Gum again. I think he's pretty lonely there and since he can no longer concentrate or comprehend enough to read or watch tv, he's mostly left to whatever gobbledy gook his mind decides to cook up. We sat and chatted for about an hour and half until his dinner time at 5pm.

This evening I went to dinner with Mom & Daddio to a delightful little restaurant in St James called Octopus' Garden. It has an absolutely zany interior (reminded me slightly of Cape to Cuba, but much smaller and brighter). If you are looking for somewhere new to try in Cape Town, I'd highly recommend it! Although their menu is small, the food is all delish. I had 2 starters, since I'd eaten out already today ... the Butternut, Rosemary and Feta Soup and their Prawn Spring Rolls. Both very good!

Holiday Status update:
1) See The Divine Miss M (x) - twice even
2) See Interviewing for a Husband (x)
3) See Jam (x) - had a fabulous lunch this afternoon
4) Spend some time at Millers with the family ( ) - we're heading down theretomorrow till the 27th :)

Haven't even been here a week yet and I'm almost done with my list!

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