Friday, December 21, 2007

My Digital Camera

I think I have just figured out the perfect Christmas present for myself ... a new Digital Camera. Mine is now officially broken.

Unfortunately I only discovered this at lunch with Jam yesterday since I'd taken the camera along to get a few shots of us for posterity - being that we see each other so seldom, it seemed appropriate to record the event. Thankfully The Divine Miss M had done this for me at Kirstenbosch the day before :)

So as I whipped out my trusty camera and even asked some nice young fellow to take a shot of us, I noticed the picture was looking a little blurry. So I took a few tester shots. On the left is a prime example of the sort of photo's my camera is taking these days ... those are the windows in my room here ... not quite right, huh?

At first I thought it might've been a stale battery problem but after recharging them and snapping the above mentioned shot, I've proved that the camera's time is now officially over.


And now we're all packed up and about to head off to our beach cottage for a week :) I hope you all have a splendid Christmas spent with family and friends. Till the 27th ....

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