Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Trying to Smile

So yesterday was quiet. Varen & I went to gym and made some dinner at home (we're getting pretty good at this eating in thing!) and watched an episode of series or two.

I'm appreciating the nights of nothing where I can, because it takes all my energy to be upbeat on the ones where we have plans. Although I must admit I'm easily distracted so often the energy is worth it for the hour or two where I don't feel completely despondent about things ;)

Things to smile about:
1. A boyf who loves me dearly and would do anything in his power to cheer me up :)
2. An upcoming 2 week trip to Cape Town to spend with my family and old friends :)
3. I have a new car that I am still loving :)
4. Nah, that's it, but it's still something.

5. A URL Lopz posted: Running from Camera

Paha, that blog is hysterical and appeals to my quirky sense of art. Basically the entire blog is just photo's of this guy running away from a pre-timed camera. Makes for some interesting shots :) Although looking at the majority of pictures that don't have any people in them, one would swear he could be in South Africa and just afraid of people stealing his camera while he was running away. Now those would be some interesting pics.

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