Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another Engagement

Yesterday was busy ... got home to discover if the maid had understood a word of what I said - unfortunately for the most part I can't tell if she actually did stuff or not, like did she wash the towels? They are right back where we left them on the rail but maybe she just put them back when they were clean? Who can tell? Freaks me out, I tell you.

So I buzzed around the house taking actual photos of things in the hope that a picture guide will get us closer to the same goal. I was most annoyed to find how difficult it was to find useful icons for household items online (plus I'm not sure if she'd understand the icons either?) ... hence the pictures of our actual stuff. Fingers crossed.

Then we headed to gym ... All the New Year's Resolutions are there blocking up the equipment, but I figure it'll be back to normal in a month or two.

And then is was off to Hammi's place for dinner (and loads of wine) with the Goof Troop. It was quite an event since we had discovered via Facebook earlier in the day that Piano-girl and Vori had gotten engaged on New Year's Eve (Gotta tell the family first and all that). Congrats :) But shame, Nambi wasn't too pleased since she is pining for her own ring ... which I have on good authority is en-route too :) Sheesh, they're dropping like flies.

Updated at 09:14am
Oh, and in plus plus news ... I got the results for the valuation of the place Bean & I own. Now I just have to wait for him to decide if he wants to buy out my share. I really hope he does cause that'll save so much time and effort for me - him being in the UK means that the show days etc. would all end up as my responsibility :P But on the even plus-er side, I should make around R90 000 profit on the sale :)

Updated at 09:52am
Damn, Bean wants to sell. Which means I'll have to do all the work since he is off earning Pounds :P But, it's is my decision and I definitely want to sell the place and disentangle myself so I'll do it.


ExMi said...

please please can i be a contributor on the book-blog!!??

[Asking SO nicely]

phillygirl said...

@em+ct - your wish is my command ;)

Gledwood said...

You mentioned Facebook... EVERYBODY seems to be using that one... what's the attraction? I don't get it I get thrills enough from Blogger and don't have to give out too much personal info into the bargain!

Lopz said...

"All the New Year's Resolutions are there blocking up the equipment" - pahahaha, so true - same at my gym. Now feck off all of you, and give us real gymmers some peace!

Lopz said...

PS Hello Gled. I thought I should just say hi, cos you've commented on every single one of my regular reads and you're starting to look very familiar!

phillygirl said...

@gled - meh, facebook, i could take it or leave it ... although it does come in handy for reconnecting with old school friends (I think girls see that as more of a plus than guys would?) and em+ct and I have recently proved it's handy to move to that level when you feel you know someone really well from their blog but actually know nothing about them at all :)

@lopz - sigh. it's the same world-round. at least you'll be off to the fairest Cape shortly and won't have to spare them a second thought ;)

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