Thursday, January 10, 2008

Welcome to the Geek Parade

I am officially accepting my Geeky-ness by announcing it online. Generally it's not a word I would use to describe myself ... usually (and will continue to every other time but here & now) I would tell you that I am probably the least Computer-person you're likely to meet in this industry. But it appears that that may not be entirely true ... as my dear friend JofH pointed out to me.

I think it must be my proximity to Varen that is increasing my Geek quotient ... seeing as I haven't dated a Computer Boy since HighSchoolLove (in High School, obviously).

So decide for yourself:
1) I work in the Computer Industry (check)
2) I have my own blog (two even, check)
3) I play Computer and/or Online Games (no, not those cool flash ones ... although those too) (check)

You see, that last one is a recent re-occurence for me, I mean sure I played along with every one else in high school and a little in college (usually only during holidays). But I started again with Age of Empires while in Cape Town and now TheBrad and Varen have got me hooked to an online game called Kings of Chaos (feel free to join my army using that link).

It's kinda weird for me, cause it's text based. Basically you get some gold and some army dudes and you use your gold to train them up (advise doing this asap to increase your Strike Action) and buy them weapons. And basically you have a Strike Action (the strength you attack someone with) and a Defensive Action (the strength you defend attacks on your army with). Basically when you choose to attack someone, you should be: a) spying on them to suss out if they're worth attacking (because you primarily attack to win Gold to spend on bettering your army). b) by comparing your Strike Action to their Defensive Action ... if yours is bigger, because you're attacking you get the first strike and will essentially win the battle. Certain things affect how well you do in the battle and basically that will affect how much of their Gold you attain. Sounds boring, huh? But it's really quite addictive. You only get one Attack Turn every 3 hours (these accrue). Oh, and there are Ages (currently it's Age 8 which ends on Saturday) ... Ages are like separate Games. At the start of a new Age, everyone starts off equally, back to the basic sign-up minimum army size & Gold amount. Ages seem to last approximately 4 months. And each Age you can choose to belong to a different race (each with their own strengths). This Age I'm building an Army of Elves :)

So far I'm adding it to my Blog on the list of things that make going to work and being online all day worthwhile ... With this lot, I'm in desperate need of the distraction :)

Oh, last night was very quiet ... skipped gym because we're Lazy-Asses and stayed home. Ate dinner at home, which is definitely feeling good :) And then we did an interesting thing. We sat right next to each other doing our own thing ... for me it was like the nights I used to stay home at Loulou's and not see Varen. I started watching Grey's Anatomy S4 and Varen was mucking about on his computer doing who knows what. I think this is the first time I've been dating someone where we just do nothing together. It was wonderful :)


Jam said...

Being able to do your own thing, close to one another is the best! My favourite is reading together.

phillygirl said...

@msmozi - yup, we can do that together too. It is another thing I truly appreciate, especially since we can recommend good reads to each other.

akika said...

geekdom runs in the family, dearie, I don't know how you ever convinced yourself you'd be able to escape.

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