Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Night on the Town

Yesterday about 15 of us here in the London office took a two hour lunch break and headed to Barcelona Tapas for lunch. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to chat to some of the other people from the office (like aside from the folks I'm working directly with or sitting near). I can't believe how cosmopolitan it seems, people here are from all over the globe and it's very interesting!

Last night when I got back to the hotel, I found that my most anticipated Amazon purchase had arrived ... the wide-angle conversion lens for my camera. Haven't had too much of an opportunity to really play with it (took a few test shots in the hotel bedroom to spot the difference).

Sadly I did not have the time or Credit Card funds to get my coat last night :( Am hastily transferring today in the hopes that I can either get it this evening or tomorrow! I am determined that this is the coat for me! See the sneaky pic I took on the left and let me know if you think it's worth the 60 GBP :)

Anyhoo, and then it was off to Waterloo station to meet up with Nix & Hoen (both friends from High School Days - Hoen I have only seen once or twice since she left SA for New Zealand after school and Nix and I try to see each other whenever we happen to be in the same city, which is not that often).

Nix took us to a little bar called Cubana for a pre-dinner drink. Nix & I both had a Frozen Papaya (fresh papaya blended with Caney Carta Blanca rum, fresh strawberries, orange and lime juice) - very nice :)

Then we headed off to Las Iguana's for dinner. Dinner turned out to be very nice ... even tho we started out being told we'd have a wait of 15 - 20 minutes and we actually ended up being "seated" an exhausting 40 minutes later. At least they have some fairly decent cocktails that we could enjoy during our wait (I had an Apple Mojo - fresh mint crushed with sugar & ice, with rum, lime, apple juice and soda). For dinner I tried their Vegetarian Chimichanga which was very yummy and highly recommended :)


Lopz said...

I see you have discovered the delights of Percy pigs! So you share my rapture then ;-) I can't believe the pic of your coat - it is IDENTICAL to mine! I got mine at Clothes Show Live though, for £15... but then CSL is like the deluxe sale of all sales. The seller did say retail price was about £50. I adore mine, so I'd encourage you to go for it!

phillygirl said...

@lopz - Yup, I tried 'em and I wasn't that en-raptured ;) Sorry ... more on that in tomorrow's post.

/* Jealous */ but hey, I guess those are the perks of actually living here ... more opportunity to shop around :) Will hopefully splurge on it this eve or tomorrow but the more I look at the picture, the more determined to get it I am!

The Divine Miss M said...

What?! Percy Pigs rule! How dare you insult the Gods of the Pigs.

*narrows her eyes*

Margaret said...

Congrats on getting finalist at the 2008 bloggies!

ExMi said...

love the coat. buyitbuyitbuyit.....

phillygirl said...

@missm - Yeah, I know ... it;s a shocker. They're just not that great.

@mezamahii - Thanks :) Hope you've voted already!

@em+ct - boughtitboughtitboughtit ... :)

Christa (or Sharky) said...

like the coat, and congrats on your bloggie nomination.

phillygirl said...

@sharky - thanks & thanks :)

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