Friday, January 11, 2008

Coming Together Nicely

Last night was another interesting but quiet night at home. We skipped gym again since I'll be off in the UK next week - missing Varen's birthday :( So we figured we would spend as much of our free time together since he'll have two and half weeks here to gym to his hearts content ... and I'll have the same there since there's a gym right in my hotel :)

Anyhoo, last night was surprisingly different than other nights at home because we didn't watch a single episode of Series (Applause all round, please). The new dining room table arrived - yippeee!

So we scooted the Atlanta chairs up to the new table and enjoyed actually having a usable downstairs area. We discussed our plans for the house and which of the furniture Varen was going to try making himself (the TV cabinet, some side tables for the lounge & bedroom which I'll get involved in decorating and the outside deck). It's all very exciting now that things are coming together :) We were taking measurements and dreaming up all sorts of ideas (and constraints).

Eventually we had some dinner ... yes, also at the new table. And just generally spent the evening chatting together. I'm feeling very at peace and couldn't be more sure that the decisions I came to were the right ones. Although the sale of the house with Bean will only be able to get into full swing when I'm back from my UK Work trip.


Tara said...

Missing gym is deffinately okay for an excuse like that!
I'm a little jealous of getting to actually have plans for the house though. I would adore to start from scratch with my own ideas. That's so exciting!

phillygirl said...

@goblin - yeah, I thought it was a good excuse too ... and with the rain we've been having here in Joburg, staying home to cuddle is well worth it :)

Planning for the house is fun, but don't wish away your fully stocked pad for our gaping wide open space just yet, let's see if the man turns out to be as handy as he promises first ;)

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