Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dining Solo

Last night when I got home there were two more packages awaiting me :) Varen's camera case arrived (earlier than everything else I ordered first on Amazon!) and my 3 card games from Green Knight Games.

Thanks to The Peeb's American boyf Button, I've become addicted to Fluxx. And since it's not available in Sunny South Africa, I figured I'd get myself a version while here. I ended up getting a couple of other games that sounded similarly interesting too ... Now if only I could find people to play with when I get back home ;)

1. Eco-Fluxx - similar to Fluxx but with different Keepers and Goals.

2. Backpacker - Backpacker is a fantastic card game about travelling the world. Inspired by real life backpacking experiences, it’s aimed at those with an urge to wander and a mind for adventure, be it sitting at home or off on your travels.

3. Murdero - Murdero is a murder mystery card game that resembles a combination of Rummy mixed with collectible card games where action cards that bend rules alter the run of play.

After unwrapping all the new toys, I headed out on Oxford Street ... yes, again. It's basically where everything is so it makes the most sense. In exciting news, I think I've found myself a coat/jacket that I really like ... although it is GBP60 (eep!). So I'm trying to convince myself that if I skip getting boots or anything else, it would be worth it cause it is so fab and I could use it while I'm here as well as back home :)
And I sorted myself out with a new pay as you go Orange UK sim card for the next 2 weeks.

Then I found a random little Italian place for some dinner ... Melanzane Parmigiano, yum :) But I really am not used to this dining solo thing, I must remember to take a book or something along with me. Otherwise since I'm alone and have nothing to do I end up rushing thru my meal just to get out of there. Does not make for a relaxed dining experience!

And that was about my evening. On the completely plus side, the sun was out on my walk to work from the tube station this morning :) It really does cheer you up. And something that cheers me up even more is being able to chat to Varen ... we managed to get Google Talk Calling working and got the thrill of being able to hear each other's voices again ;)

ps. His Turbo-charger blew in his car last night and he is now driving around in my baby C2 ... you'd better drive extra carefully till I get home!


Nico van Rensburg said...

i'll look after her i promise baby.

akika said...

For the record, it's more Confluence and H* that you should blame, not Button, since they introduced us to it.

phillygirl said...

@varen - I know you will, my love.

@akika - Well, I still blame Button ... since he introduced it to me :)

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