Monday, January 21, 2008

Things I Forgot

I wrote my earlier post last night in preparation ... this is what happens when you're sitting alone in a Hotel room. But I realised this morning that I'd left out some of the things I wanted to mention.

Firstly the weirdest thing happened, I bumped into a girl I was friends with in high school while en-route to dinner on Friday night. How completely random. Then she was having drinks at Ruby Blue on Saturday night as well. Now what are the chances of that?

And then last night at about 4:45pm the Hotel staff came to service my room. So I headed out to find myself some dinner. The weirdest thing was that Oxford Street was still alive and pumping in the dark. All the shops were still open and there were plenty of people still shopping! This is supremely bizarre to a girl from South Africa where you're lucky if the shops stay open till 3pm on a Sunday!

Also, I've noticed that the Tube is not like normal transport ... I mean yeah, there are peak times when it's packed to bursting but the traffic seems to not be in any sort of specific direction. It's not like Joburg where everyone is either a) trying to get to Jhb city center or b) Sandton in the mornings.

That's all that I've remembered so far :)

ps. Varen's one bonsai is flowering ... and he sold his bike on Saturday. Sad, but good news financially for him!

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