Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Real London Workday

Last night I used up my expensive hour online chatting to my lovely man ... but I still wish he was here to keep me company. Oh well, I'm having to make do with Series and my books until I manage to organise a little socialising. Luckily I was so not in the mood for anything yesterday evening. I ordered in a little dinner (Carrot, Orange & Corriander soup - a tiny little bowl at a mere 100 ZA rond!) after a nice hot relaxing bath and then headed to bed.

Oh and here are those taps I was telling you about ... the picture didn't come out that well tho. basically there are three turning knobs. The top one (as per pic) is to control water flow to the shower head (not in pic). The middle one is to control temperature and the bottom one is to control flow to the bath spout (bottom of pic). It's an interesting system, but so far I like it :)

Today is a special day and the one I most wish I was back home with Varen ... it's his 26th birthday :) Have a good one my love, you know I'll be thinking of you. And I seriously apologise that you had no one there to wake up next to but go and water you bonsai gifts and remember just how much you mean to me :) Kiss.

I was up at my South African usual 6:40am (already past the start of your South African work-day tho!) and had my first hotel breakfast. Since I'm here for 16 days I'm pacing myself and stuck to the cereals and a muffin. Tomorrow I think I'll have an omlet tho. I can see I'm going to get sick to tears of hotel breakfasts by the end of this!

On the left is my view as I walk to my tube station :) I'm quite enjoying the walking to work in the morning, it makes a nice change to sitting in Joburg traffic for up to an hour! Although, the tube ride in was absolutely jam-packed, I barely manged to squeeze on when it arrived at my station this morn. But, by the time I got off it had thinned a little. You can tell the hardened Londoners a mile off, they're the ones standing reading their newspapers not holding onto a single bar for stability. Me, unless I've got a tight grab hold on at least two of them, I'm end up flying across the tube :)

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