Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hotel Internet

So, here's my list of fun new food stuffs I've tried while here:

1. This Water and citrus
2. Feel Good Cloudy Lemon Juice Drink

Yeah, yeah ... so far I know it's only been water (sort of) but I like it and I don't feel so guilty for skipping the gym again this evening - I'm exhausted, okay.

It's costing me GBP 6 an hour to be online here in my hotel room ... and just to be entitled to pay that at the end of my stay, they had to "reserve" GBP 50 per night on my credit card. So there's 10 grand I can't touch for my entire trip - damn, shoulda done the math before I handed over my credit card! Will have to be transfering some desperation money in soon soon. Especially since I made my first purchase on Amazon UK :)

So now I just have to find somewhere to scrounge dinner, have a relaxing laze in the bath with my book and get to bed early ... yawn.

Oh, and I forgot to mention I watched Hairspray on the flight here. It's okay ... not quite as good as I was expecting after the little Jewish lady next to me told me she'd seen the musical twice and loved the movie too. Mild entertainment with the expected Hollywood Ending. Perfect for accompanying airplane meals :)

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