Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Four Days Till Home Time

Last night was nice, took a wander down Oxford Street again. All the way from Marble Arch to Goodge Street (don't even ask me who comes up with names like that?).

Bought what I think is a fab shirt for Varen from Desigual on Regent Street and now I can spend the rest of my trip worrying if he'll like it or even wear it ;)

Then I met Mr. Hood at the Goodge Street Station and we went for dinner at another little random Italian place (Trattoria Mondello) for really cheap pizza (or so I'm assured!). The food was good (they even let me add avocado to my pizza) and we shared a nice bottle of Sicilian Red wine.

> Some background: Mr. Hood & I work together at the Grapevine back in both our Cape Town days. He's been over in London for about a year longer than I've been living in Joburg so we haven't seen each other in about 4 years but do keep in occasional email contact.

Was lovely to catch up in person and we had a good laugh remembering all the folks we used to work with and discussing the state of South Africa these days.

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