Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Thing About Omlettes ...

Went home the long way last night. Via the Studio Fusion Gallery at the Oxo Tower to collect some jewelry for my aunt (she had it on exhibition and now wants it back ... fair enough since they haven't sold it for her).

Last night was nice and quiet ... although dinner gets a little annoying to arrange when I'm already back in my hotel room and have to contemplate wandering about in search of who knows what (cause I have no specific cravings and I have no idea what's good and I don't especially enjoy the whole dining solo thing).

So last night I discovered I am surrounded almost exclusively (I say almost because there are the usual fast food places around too) by Lebanese and Italian restaurants. Now I had Italian on Monday night so certainly wasn't planning on having it 2 nights running. And I'm not convinced I'm a fan of Lebanese food, not that I exactly know what it is tho ... I know I love Italian, Thai, Mexican, Indian, Sushi and even Greek Mezze food. It's the Portugeuse, Lebanese, Moroccan type food I'm not so certain about.

So no, sorry to disappoint, I didn't try it on my own last night. Btw. If you do enjoy the above foods, leave me a note and let me know what's good to try :)

And another thing I've learnt on this trip is about omlettes. I've seen 3 different Omlette Chefs at the hotel. So far there is only 1 I hope is behind the stove top! The others generally let the egg cook for too long before adding the filling (I prefer my cheese melted into the egg) and or they don't let the omlette "fuse" ... flip it closed in time for the two sides to join. And if you don't do that, let me tell you from experience, all the filling falls out as you try to elevate a portion between plate and mouth. Although the guy this morning did use a delish excessive amount of filling, which would ordinarily score point with me ... if only the egg base of the omlette and the filling didn't end up being two completely separate meals.

Counting down the days ... almost home :)

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