Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Here I Am

I made it ... after an hour delay at Joburg while we all sat on the plane in anticipation and a 2 hour delayed arrival time at Heathrow. The Heathrow Express, the cab ride to my hotel, checking in and handing over the GBP 2300 for my 2 & half week stay (eep!), unpacking and luxuriating in a much deserved hot shower (with the weirdest taps ever - will post a pic later). Being recognised as South African (must be the accent!) by hotel staff and promptly being responded to in Afrikaans every time after that (even tho I was speaking English. Getting myself an Oyster card for the tube and taking my 7 stops to The Office.

Here I am. Online and in London. Unfortunately I only have about 45% of my laptop battery left tho because I left my plug converter back at the hotel - Doh!

The offices don't seem as nicely decked out as the ones at home, there are no desk dividers or anything ... it's just wide open space. And their chairs are awfully uncomfortable! Although they do get two screens per person. Also the novelty of the fun UK food stuffs that you can't get at home has definitely kicked in :) And people here just aren't that friendly ...

And I'm tired ... even tho Virgin's Premium Economy class was a huge bonus, I still didn't get nearly enough sleep!

Ps. Brother Swoop has had himself all fixed up and although still in hospital is doing much much better (or so I hear).

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