Friday, January 04, 2008

It's Raining and Pouring

Today is a prime example of one of the reasons I ended up in such a state over not having my own house last year ... although this year I'm attempting to remain upbeat about it and not let it get me down, it's things like this that make that a tough resolution to keep!

So here's the thing. Today (and since very early this morning) it has been pouring in Joburg. And not just rain, loud loud rain with thunder claps and bright white lightning. Right overhead all night as I was trying to sleep. And thru all this the heat was still equally unbearable! At least it had cooled by the time I had to get up this morning. But there-in lies the problem.

Varen & I had dinner at his folks house which turned out to be a lovely evening (even with the driving ... which wasn't bad at all thanks to half of Joburg still being on holiday!). So I stayed over at his place. Because it has been sweltering for the last few days, I packed accordingly for work today.

And you can see the problem. T-shirts and slip-slops are not rain-storm wear ... especially not since you have to run for miles thru flooded walk-ways before you can get to your car
in Varen's complex. So in this seriously duvet-weather, I had to wake up early just so I could head back to my place (in the opposite direction from work) so that I could get warmer wear.

Blegh, not an ideal start to my day. Which brings up the discussion Varen & I have been having. To move in or not to move in, that is the question. I didn't want it to happen out of convenience and I desperately want my own house, I still do. But moving in does solve a number of my own personal issues at this point. So let's make a Pros & cons list ....

Moving in with Varen:

  • No more living out of a bag
  • Being able to spread out across an entire house instead of storing all my stuff in my room
  • Being able to shop for groceries properly again (my single fridge shelf is generally empty since I barely ever eat at "home" ... it's too complicated when there are 2 people trying to make separate dinners with only one stove top or oven)
  • The strain of having to move out "if" we break up
  • Still not having my own home
There are some other interesting areas of discussion too ... Once we're 100% about this, Varen is quite happy to sign a co-hab agreement letting me own a percentage of the property (based on my bond contribution). But there's also my nerves at us having to live together and the strain that could put on our relationship. We've only officially been dating for about 6 months now ... although we've been involved on and off for a year and known each other just over a year and a half.

Anyway, so he is super keen but I'm the nervous one ... I guess since I was left homeless when I ended things with Bean. So on goes the decision making, but as my Mom says, maybe sometimes you just have to leap and take that chance.

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