Monday, January 07, 2008

I've Made a Decision

Righto, well it was one helluva busy weekend ... spent mostly shopping up a storm.

On Friday night Varen & I headed out for some not very sunny sun-downers at Moyo Zoo Lake with JofH & YogaCherryl.

Saturday we attempted to find Varen a Bonsai, his specially requested Christmas & Bday present. We headed out to Midrand to Mikibu Bonsai, but couldn't find anything worthwhile ... no doubt because we were left to wander around the owner's garden looking at their mostly unpriced bonsai's on our own. We didn't stay long.

Then we went to Coricraft so that Varen could buy 2 Atlanta Chairs to go with the couch he ordered just before he went to Australia. Hopefully the downstairs will be usable by the beginning of March (when the couch finally arrives). Luckily tho, he'll be collecting the chairs this afternoon :) Yay.

And then we ended up at Rochester, where he bought an 8-seater square dining room table ... Which they may also have stock of, so just might arrive this week :) Damn, this boy has luck! No chairs for the table yet, but they'll come.

We shopped around a bit more, buying new linen and what not ... but most importantly, I came to a decision about my life :) > This is very exciting.

I have decided to 1) move in with Varen 2) Sell the house Bean & I own 3) Buy my own house to rent out.

What is fantastic about these decisions is that is covers all my issues :) Varen and I will live together (officially only from 1 March but I've started slowly moving in already) and we won't have to schlep between 2 houses. Also, I will no longer be living out of a bag. I will no longer have any ties to Bean (which although not a bother for me, just seems like the right thing to do in terms of moving on life-wise). I will be able to afford a slightly more expensive place and I won't be in a rush to buy just to fix my situation, I can wait and hunt until I find the right place for me. And also, then I'll be able to buy furniture for Varen's place knowing that if we ever break up, I will have my own house to move to. On the other hand, if we work out perfectly and end up married, one day we can sell both our houses and buy something together :)

See, perfect plan and I am feeling decidedly more upbeat about things now that I have some direction and am feeling back in control of my life.

Then we headed to Varen's folks for a braai and to see the whole family - Brother Swoop was just back from Namibia and showing off his quad-bike injuries (pretty serious since he's broken 3 ribs, his collarbone and 2 bones in his hand).

Sunday saw us heading to a multitude of nurseries, determined to find Varen's Bonsai gift. It was a pretty tough task since there are not too many Bonsai-specific places listed online for Joburg and 2 of the nurseries we went to didn't even stock them. Then luck stepped in and we saw a sign for Topsom Nuresery (on Witkoppen Road - heading West, just past The Pot Place) that actually specifically mentioned Bonsai's. We went in and had a look around and ended up taking two of the little (well, fairly big for Bonsai's tho, I gather) trees (a Juniper and a Serissa) home with us :) Yay! En route home we stopped at the local hardware shop and got him some accessories: a Bonsai Pruning Kit and a Spray Bottle.

We didn't do much else on Sunday except a big Makro shop where we finally got a kitchen bin and bins for the 3 bathrooms :) And a whole bunch of other stuff the house needed that we hadn't gone out intending to buy ... anyone know how to get rid of house ants, they seem to have decided that the empty lounge is some sort of meeting station and all walk thru in their neat little lines. Very annoying.

So that was the weekend :) A decidedly good one for me.


Louisa said...

The bonsai look very pretty! :-)

Good luck with your moving...I hope that you will be very happy in your new home.

Lopz said...

I'm very glad to hear you're feeling much more positive about everything hun. It's amazing what some pro-active decisions and a brand new year to implement them can do for your psyche. Congrats on the steps forward!

phillygirl said...

@louisa - thanks, I think the Bonsai's are very spanky :)

And thanks for the moving wishes ... At least my move is not quite as far as yours, this time :)

@lopz - Yup, it's amazing how uplifting feeling back in control can be ;)

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