Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Full Day in London

And I'm thrilled. I'm sick to tears of living in a hotel. Last night was supposed to be another quiet night in ... but although I ended up curled up in bed with series after 7:30pm, it was the first half of the evening that drove me absolutely mental and increased my driving need to get home!

More on that in a bit, but first ... yesterday I had lunch with The Traveler, a girl who used to work on our floor back in SA but then moved departments completely. Imagine my surprise when I bumped into her in the corridors of the office over here - she's also apparently over for 2 weeks. So we scheduled lunch yesterday. A good chance to catch up as we are both avid travelers (she also wanted to go to the Gorilla's last year and has already been to Antarctica!).

We went to a little place up the road called Fresh Italy. I loved it ... especially the fun cups they serve their pasta in - what a novel idea :)

And then to last night. I figured I'd grab some simple soup from Eat en route home. With that in mind, I hopped off the tube at Tottenham Court Road and decided to walk home to the hotel (nearest station Marble Arch).

It doesn't look quite so far in the map, but it is 3 tube stops away ... all along the chaotic Oxford Street ... with my laptop weighing down on my back (luckily in flat shoes!). Either way every single Eat restaurant I found had sold out of the soup I was craving. So an hour later after much wandering around Oxford Street side roads I dropped off my laptop at the hotel and headed out again determined to find dinner and desperate to avoid Italian (had it for lunch), Lebanese (explained that yesterday) and the Fast Food Joints (McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and Subway).

By 7:30 I gave up and was just far too exhausted to continue my search. I headed to KFC (by far the closest food outlet to the hotel) and ordered myself a burger. Nothing like KFC in South Africa, let me tell you. Their chicken burger was far more like the McChicken burgers we get back home. Really was not very impressed or thrilled by my necessity eating. It's things like this (and having a microwave, stove and a fridge) that make me long to be home!

After that I went back to the hotel to sulk and watch series while my feet and back recovered. Luckily this morning I am in a far better mood ... Tonight is my last night of hotel living :)


ExMi said...


since you were among the first to respond to and comment on my post (

I hereby tag you to do the same thing.

tell me 50 things about you.

then let me know when you've done them...

cant wait to read 'em!

phillygirl said...

@em+ct - Eep. I don't even think I could list *fifty* things I know about myself ... let alone things people reading this don't know about me. I will have a think and give it a bash ... but no promises.

Aaargh. That'll teach me :)

ExMi said...

doesn't have to be 50 things ppl dont know.

just 50 things.

it's actually easier than you think.

i did it quickly, and my life is tame in comparison to yours!:)

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