Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome 2008!

So, I am back at work and not very happy about it ... although I truly haven't done too much work-wise today yet. I went thru my 771 unread emails (luckily only about 200 of them were real emails, the rest were notifications from the system we work on - select all, mark as read!)

Righto ... a quick catch up and Happy New Year to all. On my last morning in Cape Town, Mom and I went out market-trawling. First we headed to The Old Biscuit Mill in Salt River, which was unfortunately not on :( And only a few of the shops in the Old Mill were open ... and they were all horrendously over-priced. A bit of a pity really since there were loads of people there who, like us, clearly didn't know everything was going to be closed.

And then we headed to the Porter Estate Organic Market in Tokai. That was lovely, although we didn't buy much. Except a bottle of Thai Pesto from Pesto Princess that I left behind in the fridge in Cape Town :(

And then I was flying back to Joburg ... it was quite a conflict of interests since I was very excited to see Varen again but I didn't feel ready to leave Cape Town and my family (maybe I just knew that coming back to Joburg meant work was starting again soon).

As soon as I got back, Varen & I headed off to his farm in the Free State. And what a blissful few days we spent there ... the weather was lovely! Our second New Years together and on the farm - luckily this time I didn't get sunstroke ;)

At this point I'm still feeling surprisingly upbeat and almost positive about 2008. Things are back in a very good place with Varen (things got a little rocky right before he left for Aus - I think because I wasn't in a very good space).

Did I mention he got me a new digital camera for Christmas? It's so fab ... got to use it loads on the farm (see above pic!)

All in all, I can't really complain about the new year so far. I have a new team member who'll be reporting into me (she's sitting around with nothing to do today because all the people we need to organise her laptop etc. are on leave still) and work is sending me to London for 2 weeks at the end of the month. I'm a little nervous about it work-wise but it'll be a great opportunity to see my friends over there and I'm hoping it'll also cement my decision not to move over there.

Good things coming, fingers crossed :)

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