Friday, December 28, 2007

Pressie Review

I have not had a very eventful day ... we had Gum over for tea, it'll be the last time I see him this holiday. And Varen is safely home and exhausted :)

Mostly, this is because I forgot to expland on the Xmas gifts I gave in yesterday's post.

I got the Peeb a very cool Rebound Book. I think it's a fab idea and first read about it on Spray Glue. It's a tiny little company operating in Cape Town (very convenient) who find beautiful, neglected :-( hardcover books and re-bind them with a creamy, matt, environmentally friendly paper. The result is a durable, totally unique journal, diary or sketchbook :-) It's perfect for her.

I got Daddio some food stuffs from Rickety Bridge and a Woolies shirt. The Peeb got him matching shorts so all in all he had a whole new outfit for Xmas day!

And then mom got a joint gift from the Peeb and I, a new Fossil purse - her old one was held together by a hairband ... it was well past replacement time!

I have yet to purchase Varen's gift. It ended up seeming silly to buy anything here that I had to take all the way back to Joburg with me ... but he really wants a Bonsai tree, so we'll go take a look for a really nice one next weekend.

Tomorrow it is back to Joburg for me. I'm not yet sure how that makes me feel. I've definitely enjoyed a relaxing Cape Town holiday for a change and I'll miss the fam. But I am looking forward to seeing Varen :) Not so much looking forward to going back to work next week tho :( But before that, Varen & I have a nice few days on his farm in the Free State to celebrate the New Year :)

See you all in 2008!

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