Monday, February 25, 2008

All Aboard the Furniture Bus

It was another pretty busy weekend. Friday started out with a fabulous massage from Jeanius :) And then Koet & Nambi came to our place to check out Varen's new car (oops, I forgot to take more pics this weekend!). After a drink with them at our house, we headed out to Doppio Zero in Greenside for dinner. I had their very yummy Paesano salad (Herbs and greens, tomato, cucumber, avo, nuts, roast butternut, spring onion, croutons,
peppers and feta with extra chicken). After they came back to our house again for some coffee and a little hubbly.

It is really nice now having a home that is close enough to do this ... Varen's previous place in Bedfordview was just way too far away!

Saturday was fairly busy. We got our new TV cabinet delivered in the morning. It's not really a cabinet for the TV (which will be wall mounted above) but more for all the TV peripherals. I'm also hoping to find boxes or baskets to put in the bottom three spaces :) I think it'll look pretty fab when it's done.

And we have decided on a D-Day for the House Warming. When a) we get the TV Cabinet (done) b) the carpet has been made (Varen's got two cow hides that we're going to have patch-worked together ... it doesn't sound very exciting, but I think it'll look good when it's actually done) c) we've bought dining room chairs. So yes, we are en route to the House Warming and at least we've set ourselves a goal.

He, sadly, is back at work this morning ... sitting there since 7:30am in the foyer waiting for his new boss to arrive. I think he's excited :) I'm just worried about all the rest of the house stuff that didn't get finished ... Oh well, I guess that's what our weekends will end up being for!

After the cabinet arrived, we rushed around doing admin type stuff. And then headed to the Homemakers Expo at The Coca Cola Dome ... ordinarily I wouldn't go near this sort of thing with a barge pole, but I figured we might be surprised and find something of use. Wrong. Although I'm sure it's very helpful if you're planning to build your house, the mostly bathroom & kitchen fittings stalls were not much help for us. We did find some companies that did doors the way Varen wished our patio ones were done ... but at R11 000 (not including all the extra work we'd have to have done to get it done), it's just not looking viable. Sheesh, developers do not really seem to think long and hard before they build, I'll tell you that! We also found some decking ideas that might be worth considering. But for the most part, it was hugely disappointing.

Later on Saturday, Hammi & Zej came over and we all headed off to a movie. We saw Jumper.

Anywhere is possible. On discovering he can teleport, bright Davey uses his power to leave his harsh family life in New York City behind him as he uses his gift to track down the man who murdered his mother years earlier. On doing so though, he manages to attract the attention of not only the NSA, but also that of an evil and immoral man of his own age, who shares the same ability that he does. It soon becomes a game of cat and mouse between the two exceptional men.

I enjoyed it :) It's a pretty fun concept, aside from the people trying to kill the jumpers. Although if I weren't one of them, I'd be hugely jealous! Good to have something worthwhile to visit the cinema for. Although I think once Varen has bought the TV, I'll just be staying home and watching there ... who needs the whiny children, yakking idiot adults and over-priced popcorn while you're trying to enjoy a little escapism.

They also came back to our place after the movie for coffee ... we are becoming quite the entertainers, even with a half empty house!

Sunday equally busy. With a trip to Sandton to spend my La Senza vouchers (a gift from Varen when he bought his car - so sweet!) And a visit to the Design Quarter in 4ways to look for new beds (need one in the spare room before Mom can come visit!) and dining room chairs. Luckily we found a new bed for both the main and spare rooms ... now we just have to buy them. And we even found chairs that we both love, except in the wrong shade of wood :( They look like that -> with leather upholstery on the seat. Sigh. If anyone knows where we can get this in a almost black wood (as you can see from the pic, these are far to brown!), please let me know!

In the afternoon, Varne went to his folks for a visit and I stayed home. I wasn't feeling up for more company ... I still need some weekend time just to chill out and do nothing. I think he's been getting too much of that during the week for it to bother him :)

Ps. And can you believe I only got a mere 200 Rond for my bed (single, admittedly) and chest of hideous pine drawers (both were purely functional items I bought from Nix when I moved up here as she was heading to UK)!


ExMi said...

where did you get that tv stand from?

how much moola you fork out?

we got one similar, so just wanna see if we got a good deal on it...

phillygirl said...

@em+ct - we had it made by Timbercity to our specifications and my design :) It's 1.5 meters long and cost a mere R3000. Oooh, and I love that it is on wheels!

We, sadly, could find nothing that we liked while shopping (or if we did it was over 4 grand!) so went the made-especially-for-us route instead :)

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