Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Usual Monday

Last night was a usual Monday ... quiet and at home, just Varen & me. We made ourselves some dinner and settled in to finally finish House Season 4. This Writer's Strike has really screwed with our series watching!

We went to bed early to accommodate Varen's newly decided 5:30 am wake-up. It's good for me too cause it means I can get myself out of bed a lot easier if he's not all warm and dozy next to me :) And we're started having proper breakfast again, which is good :)

The only problematic thing, and I'm blaming it on my uncertainty about the new job I start on Monday, is that my brain starts attacking me as the lights go out. It's something that has been happening my whole life, on and off. It's pretty hard to fall asleep when your brain is concocting all the worst case scenarios that could possibly ever happen. Blegh. Let's just hope it passes soon :)


Lopz said...

Aaah, the old Nocturnal Brain Syndrome - it's a bitch, isn't it? I get it every so often, when something is changing in my life, or sometimes for no reason at all. I had it on Sunday night, and the only thing I could think of were the words to the song Hot by Avril Lavigne. It nearly drive me mental. I can't listen to that song anymore.

phillygirl said...

@lopz - yeah, it sucks. Luckily the wine at dinner last night seemed to numb it :)

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