Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eep, It's Late

Righto folks. I didn't post yesterday ... even got a worried phone call from Daddio in Cape Town wondering if I was actually okay since I hadn't blogged. It was simply a case of forgetting to post an Out of Office note on Monday afternoon.

Yesterday I spent the day out in Orange Farm building a house ... yes, with bricks and stuff (mud which was actually apparently concrete). As part of the Leadership Training Course I went on last year, I had to do a day's community service and "give back". So this is what a bunch of us got together to do, each volunteering for 1 day of the 5 it takes Habitat For Humanity to put up a house for the needy.

So yes, instead of tapping away at my keyboard and posting to my blog, I was out in the sunshine, hauling bricks and troweling concrete into walls. Was quite a good day, although far more exhausting than my average one. That said, I'm still not sure I'd do it again if I didn't have to.

Then it was off to Daisy's place for fondue with the Goof Troop - thankfully enough time in between for a good scrub and a bit of a relax. It was a lovely evening and the first time the whole group has been together this year. Nice to see everyone ... I'm definitely more comfortable with each of them than when I first met them and hopefully my own individual friendship with each of them will develop.

Then this morning was absolute chaos in terms of meetings and catching up after a day away that involved an awful lot of issues on the systems. Anyhoo, things should be back to normal now, let's hope. And Varen's on his way thru to meet me for lunch :)

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