Monday, February 11, 2008

South African Blog Awards 2008

So, the 11th of February has rolled around and while I'm still waiting in anticipation for the results of the 2008 Bloggies, it's time for a little nominating closer to home.

The nomination round of the SA Blog Awards has opened this morning and I'm requesting (pleading for) your nomination in the Best South African Personal Blog category. Come on, I think I deserve it ... this is a well maintained, highly personalised Blog that is updated on a close-to-daily basis. And sometimes I'm even mildly amusing :)

My hopes for my blog remain. I hope that people will use it when looking for recommendations on where to eat, what to read, movies to watch and places to visit. But more than that, I hope you'll enjoy the journey with me thru my day-to-day life and it's ups and downs :)

Nominate me!

1 comment:

KaB said...

You like writing lists I tagged you! Go see my blog for details!

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