Friday, February 29, 2008

Eep, The Nerves

So, today is officially my last day in my department ... and I'm not even sitting in my good old desk. The team I'm leaving was re-located to a completely different floor yesterday afternoon. Luckily with a laptop, all the move requires is a network point :) Although I'm currently sans-phone ... how to survive the day??

Needless to say my nerves are kicking in about my move. I'm going to miss a lot of these people and this environment I've come to know and understand. For someone who is generally a huge fan of habit, this is quite a difficult thing for me. I've left jobs before, I'm usually pretty good at it, I'm not sure why even with my gut-feel that this is absolutely the right thing to do, I'm still freaking nervous about it.

At least I'm off on a lovely weekend away to distract me :) But I must quickly mention here that I'm not too sure what effect my department move will have on my blogging. Make no mistake, I'll still be blogging, but I might be a little erratic next week ... alternatively in the chaos of a move and starting in a new role, I may have even more time than usual to blog in the first week? I guess we'll just have to play the waiting game like with everything else :)

Yesterday evening was very quiet, Varen made us some yummy ostrich for dinner tho - the yummy admission is quite major for me because my usual red meat intake is fairly minimal.

And now I have a question ... ? There's this person who currently (till I walk out of here this afternoon) reports to me. I've generally been nice to her and she's a nice enough person. It's just that she walks sooo slowly. Okay, I know that sounds insane but it's been driving me nuts! And I'll admit right here that I am a fairly speedy walker. But whenever I have to walk to meetings or whatever with her, even with me trying to slow my pace to let her keep up, she ends up miles behind. She does not seem to be making any effort in this regard, hell I don't even know if she's noticed ... but I feel bad every time. Because mostly I just *cannot* walk as slowly as she does. I'm dying to quiz her on this ... does she notice that she waddles miles behind every one? Does she care? Does she think it's rude when people she's walking along with leave her in their dust? Does she even bother trying to speed up to bridge the gap? Seriously, driving me mental. Woooosah. One more day :)


ExMi said...

walk behind her and poke her with a sharp stgck

phillygirl said...

@em+ct - hmmm, a novel idea ... but do you know how slow I'd have to walk to get behind her?!

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