Thursday, February 28, 2008

The End of The Stalker-Story

So, the ex-Office Crazy mailed back this morning ... How is it people don't know when to let things go. Although I guess the same can be said for me since I did reply. It's a matter of honour. But I hereby pledge it'll be my last reply :)

So, to fill you in on what should be The End of The Story (I hope). Here's her reply:

phillygirl*, if I was not that interesting you would have never remembered me when I said that you have so much to mention about me on your website…
Or maybe your life and website is so boring that you had to add some light to it…
Its good to know what you where thinking…. Maybe you should have been more direct than going and asking the boss about me…

Hope you find some kind off new gossip to BRIGHTEN your life… :)

Bye bye :)

For the record, the "Asking the boss" was clearly misunderstood by her. I was having a conversation with her boss (someone who I get on really well with), long after she left the company while we were actually at the Action Cricket (that she continuously came to watch even tho she no longer worked here!). And I mentioned that it was strange she was still coming ... since she didn't really talk to anyone there except the Hopefully Separated Husband. And so the conversation and exchange of observations began. I guess people get really defensive when they're trying to hide something they couldn't have made more obvious :) And I have to ask right here, if all it was was a really super-amazing friendship, surely they would've just laughed off anything anyone said because they & the people that actually mattered (I hope) knew it wasn't true.

So I sent my last email to her. I edited it quite extensively in keeping with my opinion that I don't really have any interest in keeping this communication with her going. And to be fair, I don't really care what she thinks about me or about whatever she thinks I was thinking (hello?).

This is all so completely irrelevant. Really, do you care *that* much what I think about you?

How long since I last saw you ... 5 months, more? I barely remember. Seems you do tho, enough to bother pretending to be someone else and making contact after so much time. I can assure you that although you fueled the office speculation for a time, that time has *long* since past.

Kindly let it go. If you're going to do things to warrant speculation or to ask questions about your antics, don't get bent out of shape when that's exactly what people are doing ... in front of you or behind your back.

I hope you've got what you wanted out of this little email exchange ... although I must admit that I'm not at all sure what that must've been?

But, I do wonder, is "Tammy" mailing everyone else at the office who was speculating 5 months ago too?

ps. Varen is doing really well. Thanks.

And I hope that's the end of it right there. Because seriously, why does she even care 5 months later what was said about her. And mine, I'll remind you, wasn't mere office speculation ... Varen & I did in fact see them out together, arm in arm, in public on a weekend. Sheesh. Thank goodness South Africa doesn't have those ridiculous "Cheaters" reality shows, she'd probably kill the cameraman :)

So, in closing, I'll repeat. All of what I said (yeah, the minimal amount) has always been clearly labeled as speculation and / or my own opinion. None of it is based in any more fact than one girl's (me) interpretation of what she saw with her own eyes.

Can someone please tell me what drives someone to do this: email an almost complete stranger (seriously she's one of those people I'd pretend I didn't actually see if I ever bumped into her again) about something that was going on 5 months ago? I'm not expecting a straight answer from this Crazy.


akika said...

You might be my sister, but you can't add. By simply looking at the list of previous posts, I can tell that by the time you posted the Nutty-Stalker-Girl post, there were in fact 375 posts. Given that you'd then mentioned her [briefly] in 5 posts, that's a mere 1.33%.
I was going to say something else, but I forgot what it was.

Anonymous said...

It's strange isn't it how people can get all bent out of shape about what people say in blog-land. I had (am having) a similar experience with someone who only ever refers to themselves as 'Some Person'. If only we could just get on with our lives in PEACE! Tsk...

phillygirl said...

@akika - eep, i forgot to add the 2008 posts. And see what a ridiculous percentage it was ... too small to even bother mentioning!

Bet she didn't realise this would trigger entire posts dedicated all to her. Kinda ironic since it's being mentioned that has her bent out of shape :)

@biztrill - yup, people are oddballs. I guess it's a small consolation that I do actually know who this crazy person is. And I'm still almost certain she has no idea how to find my blog either.

Lopz said...

It seems to be the week for freaks. You have a stalker, I have a scammer.... what is the world coming to!

phillygirl said...

@lopz - yup, the week sure got freaky towards the middle there :) But yay, now it's Friday!

CallieAnnie said...

I might be wrong here, but couldn't she, had she half a brain, just copy and paste the text of your or her email into Google and see what pops up, on the off chance that you'd posted them? When I did that with the following sentance
"I hope you've got what you wanted out of this little email exchange ... although I must admit that I'm not at all sure what that must've been?"
yours was the first hit.
I'm not sure if you care about her finding your blog, but if I were a crazy creepy stalker, I'd probably do just that. Not that I'm crazy, a creeper or a stalker!

Best of luck, wish I lived in S.Africa, or was visiting sometime soon to try out all the restaurants you recommend! Great writing.

phillygirl said...

@callie - you might be right, but I don't think this girl is *that* smart. I've learnt that most people just aren't as web-savvy as us online folk give them credit for ... Just because I google almost everyone I meet, doesn't mean it even crosses the normal folk's mind.

I'm not too fussed if she finds it. I write the truth, I write my opinion and I write what I feel, what could be wrong with that? Luckily I don't think she's a crazy stalker ... she's just someone who thinks she was being clever with an anonymous email address :)

Glad you enjoy the blog and I'd always recommend South Africa as a holiday destination!

Lopz said...

"Just because I google almost everyone I meet"..... who's the stalker now???? Pahaha, just kidding, but you walked right into that one. ;-)

phillygirl said...

@lopz - it's true, but I don't bother to try hiding it ;) So technically it's not stalking ... it's like a disclaimer!

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