Thursday, February 07, 2008

How Lucky is That?

Last night was a bit of a non-event. I got home and fell asleep reading my book while Varen played his new PSP Game (Tony Hawk Project 8). I guess Tuesday night was a little bit of a late one :)

And then we made some dinner and vegged out in front of the laptop for some series. After Varen cleaned all the dishes again ... having 8 plates and 8 people over does not make for easy eating the following night.

But, in the really interesting news, Varen resigned his job and took a really good offer from another big corporate yesterday. And this morning when he got into work he was told they'd pay his February salary but he was no longer required to come in and could he please leave the office ... now. How awesome is that? He now has a paid-for month off to do whatever he likes (no doubt waking up late and making me really jealous!) ... although little does he realise that I'm slowly but surely making plans to keep him busy for every single one of these free days. After all, there's all that furniture for the house he was wanting to build ... :)

Oh, and I just quickly wanted to make a mention of all the work going on in the side-bar ... if you haven't already noticed :) There are a couple of recent additions, like My Life List and the Tick list. The Life List is all about things I want to do and the Tick list is for those things I've already managed to do (although a repeat performance of some may be on the cards, if I'm lucky!). I've also added a section for the Weirdest Search Keywords to hit my Blog. This one should be fairly obvious, if not scary in terms of what people are scouring the internet for!


Jam said...

Girls in worms??? Yikes - I really hope that was a german to english translation error.

miss sophie said...

@msmozi: worms is a city in germany :-)

phillygirl said...

@mssophie - Thank goodness for that because I was equally worried!

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