Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome To Stalkerville

So, today has been interesting. I received an email at my work address from Tammy Triangle at Netcare. I have never heard of Tammy Triangle in my life.

Hi phillygirl*
Hope you keeping well..
I have been reading your website for a while...
But unfortunately my computer crashed a while ago and I lost the website address...
Please can you be so kind enough to forward it to me...

Have a wonderful day...
Please say HI to Varen* from me...

Many thanks

* - imagine our real names here!

Okay, even aside from the number of ellipses [...] she uses in an email, you can see how I'd be confused. Firstly, I have never to my knowledge referenced my own or Varen's real names (not that they're impossible to track down, but still ... other than myself I know few people willing to hunt that hard) and certainly not my work email address on this blog. And how can I not have any recollection of this person who got my name & Varen's spot on ... surely spam hasn't progressed to quite these levels of intuition just yet?

So I phoned Varen and asked him who the hell she was. And he had no clue either. So, being me, I Googled the bitch. Nothing. Facebook? Yup, there she was with no photo and no friends and no help!

Eventually I caved and mailed her back, being my sickly sweet cynical self.

Hi there.
Sorry, but I'm a little confused about how you know me (or Varen*) and got this email address .... ?

Hope you have a wonderful day too :)

Nice and neutral and certainly not containing this url.
So after that, frustrated and curious, I proceeded to mail 50 of my nearest and dearest to see if the name rang any bells. No one who replied had any better ideas. Oddly enough, and thanks to the status bar in my Google Talk window, a girl I work with told me that someone I did indeed know was using Tammy Triangle's email address.

Someone is currently temping at Netcare and filling in for Tammy Triangle and using her email address for evil. Luckily said person had mailed this girl I work with for a catch-up also using Tammy's email address but had signed the email from herself ... and not from Tammy as she'd done with me.

And this is where it gets really interesting :) If you've been reading for long enough, you know Tammy Triangle's Address Thief too. It's the Hopefully Separated Husband's little bit of fluff.

Apart from being mildly amused at her attempt to fish for my blog address, I was annoyed that she thought she was smart enough to be playing these games with me. So I left it ... although I desperately wanted to let on that I knew who she really was. But I figured if she let it drop when I didn't take the bait, I could too.

But, naturally, she didn't. I got another reply (she still none the wiser that I now know exactly who is posing as Tammy Triangle!)

Weird... YOU don’t know me but you had so much to say about me on your website...

Again with the ellipses godammit. And people please ... it's not a website, it's a blog. I maintain there is a difference here, although perhaps not to the uninitiated. So, she thought she was clever did she. Well not so much. Firstly, she was never even raised to the privilege of her own Nickname. And I barely managed to mention her 4 times (oh, 5 if you include this one) in the course of my, what, 325 posts so far. It's too small a number to even bother working out a percentage for. Clearly she had never read it if she thought that was me saying much about something :) But now she's just asking for it!

So I had to reply, as only I can, dripping with disdain:

Tammy Triangle's Address Thief*, I really didn't mention you much at all, I assure you (You're just not that interesting). And hey, freedom, of speech, right. I can write or speculate about anything I *see* ... and since I don't use people's real names (I assume Googling your name didn't help you find the URL which is why you resorted to a more direct approach), the rest of the world remains completely unaware :)

Nothing like impersonating someone to brighten your day :)

And now I wait in anticipation ... is she brave enough to reply again?
Oh, and if you're really interested in the very brief history of her mentions on this blog, follow the links:

  1. The Initial Mention
  2. The Very Brief Follow-up
  3. The Time We Saw Them Out
  4. A Mere Conversation in London

Hardly worth the effort, no? Amazing what some people get bent out of shape about ... but then I imagine after reading those 4 excerpts, you must all know exactly who she is and be planning to rush out to confront her :) Meh.

This is almost as much fun as the Email Conversion Campaign :)


Tales of the City said...

WHOA and WHOA. Go girl. The thing be careful.. my stalker started to post my real name in the comments field... so I did a whole post about said person and how they pretended to get pregnant to keep their man. That got me a text message with the threat of legal action... I decided it just was not worth it... life is too short, that person too dangerous. So PG, be careful. Hell hath no fury and all that.

phillygirl said...

@toc - thanks for the warning ... but I seriously doubt she has the url or could find it. Besides, if you go back and read the things I mentioned about her & Hopefully Separated Husband, there wasn't a nasty word said.

I think she's just petty and thought she could one-up me with the pseudonym. And besides, she's the one trying to "hide" and pretend that what we saw wasn't really going on ... She left our offices about 4 months ago, she needs to let go!

Ps. I also have a friend who's psycho ex-girlf did that to him! It's crazy mental.

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