Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Down with the Population Growth

Yesterday I managed to get home fairly early ... these early morning schedules of Varen's are turning out to be really handy. Except, let's say, on a Wednesday after Tuesday night dinner. This morning was not an easy jump out of bed for either of us.

We had a yummy dinner at Hammi's and generally some really good laughs :) No, Hoi Polloi, sorry to disappoint ... no details or gossip here.

Anyway, so this morning was not as early as we'd have liked and I for one paid for it in the traffic. These sorts of mornings lead to me sitting here at my laptop with my earphones in and iTunes blaring. This is my work-bubble. Do Not Disturb. Why? Well because incessant traffic makes me hate the world and the people who drive in peak traffic and insist on leaving a kilometer gap between themselves and the next car - how is it that it's always me who ends up behind these dunces?

And don't get me wrong, I'm all for letting in your neighbour car with the indicator flashing wildly ... if a) the road allows for it and b) they haven't been completely inconsiderate going up the lane they're now desperate to get out of in order to get ahead in my lane. Which brings me to my other annoyance ... can no one in Joburg tell the difference between a one and two lane road? Seriously ... Fair enough if there's enough space to allow the people turning right (who would otherwise block up the traffic flow completely) to inch to the right and out of the way of those of us going straight. But why oh why do the Moronics going straight zoom up this (obviously shorter) lane and then try and barge in front of our nicely formed queue the instant the light turns green.

It's mornings like these that I wish I had a loud-hailer and could tell these people just how annoying and inconsiderate they are ... and that they didn't all have a weapon of some sort to use on me when I did :)

Which brings me to my latest thoughts on The World. I'm slowly wondering if the wouldn't be a better place if in fact there were less people. Not only in an environmental way like using less fossil fuels, requiring less rain-forests to be decimated in the search for more farmland etc. But more in a less people means less annoyance for me personally sort of way. Sigh.

I'm sure there's someone out there who owes me a large mass of land off the coast of somewhere :)


Tales of the City said...

Well with certain governments living in Denial (not just a river in Eygpt you know), the population of several countries will be reduced.. though detrimentally to the economy.
Know what you mean.. hope you find your green space some day. x

phillygirl said...

@toc - yeah I know the economy wouldn't fare very well if we, say, halved the population of the world (and who knows which half we'd end up left with even!?!?) but still ... it would improve certain circumstances in my life.

To be fair, a decent working public transport system could probably alleviate this problem just as easily :) Double Sigh.

Tamara said...

Hehehe... As soon as you got on to the subject of traffic, I knew you had to be a fellow Jozi gal!

phillygirl said...

@tam - yup, the worst part is I'm actually a CT girl living in Jozi ... which is why the traffic up here frustrates me all the more!!

Tamara said...

I moved to JHB from CT about 8 months ago and the traffic still terrifies me. Blimmin' opportunistic, impatient and rude drivers! Ok, so Capetonians can't understand the concept of a lane and happily drive between two, but at least they don't appear to be out to kill you!

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