Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bring on the Bunny

Last night was and absolute disaster ... Varen & I had a huge argument. Over tampons if you can even believe that - although admittedly it was mostly me arguing (with a little ranting and raving thrown in for good measure) and him trying to do the right thing. He really is a sweetie. Which is more annoying when I'm trying to be angry with him.

Luckily the temper wore off, as it usually does with me. If I have a good yell, I won't even remember what was wrong half an hour later ... crazy :)

All I can say is that it is a good morning. The wood for the laminate floor fix should be arriving this afternoon ... so that it can do it's temperature adjusting or whatever over the weekend and get fixed on Tuesday (that'll be awesome!). Most of the rent got paid yesterday (damn those daily withdrawal limits!) and the rest should arrive today. And (and and and) most importantly of all, today is pay day. The best pay day of the year ... it's the day when we get our increase & bonus :) And to know there's still 9K coming when the expense claim people get their asses in gear ... it's going to be a super weekend, people :)

And even on top of all that, 2nd May was declared a public holiday - all because tomorrow we have 2 on one day. The unions got all up in arms since we in South Africa have rights to 12 paid public holidays in our constitution. I've heard we are really high up on the list of country with the most public holiday's celebrated annually. And they were going to try combining one? Well, pah, you can't get away with that! So they gave us a whole new one (for this year only) :) I must say, I love it. Although I know the businesses out there must be grumbling under their breath. While I remain a salaried-employee, I say bring it on!

In other exciting weekend news, the bunny countdown is 48 hours :) Can't wait. Kind of ironic getting a pet rabbit on Easter, but I assure you that's all just coincidence.

Have a fabulous long weekend :) Enjoy the religious bit, if that's your thing. Otherwise just gorge on the yummy chocolate bunnies & eggs, like the rest of us!


ExMi said...

Keen for the chocolate bunnies!

Happy Easter-Bunny-Weekend to you!!

Oh, I tagged you in a meme.
Thought you'd enjoy...

phillygirl said...

@exmi - yes, I saw that ... It's currently under consideration ;)

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