Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Got Load-Shed

Last night was a nightmare. Because of our lazy morning, we had to work the usual workday and ended up in the peak-time traffic coming home. Varen only left work just after 6. And shortly after that our house got Load-Shed. Aaargh.

Luckily the dinner was prepared and it could be braai-ed so we wouldn't go hungry. But there was no way we'd have time for gym. After stopping for charcoal, Varen finally got home just after 7. Damn traffic lights during load-shedding!

He made us a little fire and we waited for the coals. We eventually ate at about 8:30 and headed for an early bed in the darkness. Naturally as soon as we climbed into bed, the lights came back on. This was only uplifting because I now had a full stomach and could at least read my book for a while in bed.

So sad that the one night I end up getting out of gyming and I can't do anything useful with it.

Oh, but before the power went, I finally took some pics of the new dining room chairs :)


Globus said...

globus likes the chairs but you would need some mean cushions on 'em.

Anonymous said...

Those chairs are gorgeous.

And I hare load shedding. GAH!

phillygirl said...

@lobus - thanks, and yes, the hunt for some gorgeous soft cushions ... that we can agree on :) I want funky ones cause you will see them thru the glass table top ... the boyf is a little more reserved when it comes to decor ;)

@jane - and so comfy (with a cushion) :) Fingers crossed they don't have a repeat performance on Thursday (as per the schedule) because I will need my oven for dinner !!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

This load shedding is really getting on my nerves! It's messing EVERYTHING up!
Oh dear...I don't need much of an excuse to get out of gym. I have 5001, if you'd like me to share :-)
Oooh and STYLISH chairs!!

phillygirl said...

@blonde - yup, I would've used an excuse too (it didn't used to take much for me to skip gym either!) but I figure if I'm doing this BFL program, I'm doing it for real and not buggering about. Sigh, it better work!

Briget said...

i feel yuor pain...

Nice chairs!

Are they comfortable?


phillygirl said...

@bic - yup they are super comfy ... with a cushion :)

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