Friday, March 14, 2008

Cherry On Top

So here's another update on my week of lying and ungratefulness (other people's not mine). The chairs have still yet to arrive ... Blegh.

The one bright light is that the new Floor-guy has in fact been and inspected our floor and apparently left a quote for us. No doubt that bright light will be extinguished on reading!

And then onto my new story ... yes, even with what I've already mentioned, the week still brings more! So remember way back in January I was on a business trip in the UK. Yes, I've been back for about a month and a half already. So, the story: While I was there, I was spending on my credit card with the intention of claiming back on my return (standard policy at work).

fter handing in all my slips and my credit card statements, I finally got my printed claim back (for signing) yesterday. And what did I notice? They screwed it up ... no doubt because it was my claim and it is this week. Aaargh. With all the rent issues we've been having (no, the March rent is still not in my account!) and still being out of pocket for my London trip, I've been a bit stretched. Hell, I've already planned how I'll spend most of it already. Firstly I need to buy a bed for the spare room ... so that The Mom (and maybe even Daddio) can finally come for a visit. And then there's a few other items I have my eye on. So mostly I'm just waiting for this cash. And then they delay the process by messing it up, bloody typical.

But they messed it up in the most depressing way! They calculated that they owed me an *extra* R30 000. Boy, do I wish. When in fact they owe me a not insignificant R9000. See why my life is in limbo purchase-wise? Now, being me, I have to correct the error ... I'm stupidly honest like that. Plus I just can't bare to think of having to give that much back when they spot their faux pas. And I somehow don't see my Big Boss signing off on that kind of cash spend for the mere 2 & half weeks I was there.

But what does reporting this error get me? Delays. Dammit. It could've been such a good weekend with this repayment and the March rent ... So now, even tho I went thru the effort of getting those folk in finance to fix their error (with not a thank-you to be seen, I'll tell you!) and I've now signed it, it has to go to my Big Boss for signing. Needless to say he's not in the office again till Monday morning. Sigh. Apparently some thing are just not meant to be.

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