Friday, March 14, 2008

Still Not a Cent

Today didn't start out too badly ... I mean, it is Friday after all :) But it is steadily deteriorating. Again with the Tenants. I had to drive out to the unit last night to hand over the Lease Cancellation ... naturally Bean can't take any responsibility for this because he lives 12000kms away. Damn convenient if you ask me :P

While there I asked if March's rent had been deposited ... I mean she had said she would pay it yesterday (and the day before!). Yes yes, she said, I paid it.

This morning there is not an extra cent in my account. I even went so far as to phone my bank's call centre to see if there were any deposits that had not yet reflected on my Internet Banking (and I *hate* dealing with call centres!). Nothing.

Do you think I could get hold of the Tenants this morning to query this ... no chance. How do perfectly nice seeming people end up like this?

Anyway. Other than that the evening was not that eventful. Varen & I both had dental checkups yesterday afternoon and I'm proud to say that I'm almost 28 and still without a single filling in my mouth ;)

Oh and the new floor-guy should be inspecting the floor today ... again I refrain from comment till I see it with my very own eyes. And people wonder how I got so cynical?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the cheque's in the mail.

phillygirl said...

@kyk - yeah, sure ... isn't it always. Anyway, I have been assured that it'll be paid today. No where've I heard that before ??

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