Thursday, March 13, 2008

Could Everyone Stop Lying To Me

Sadly this week has been a prime example of what I now think of humanity (let me just say right here, it's not good).

Since my angry, frustrated, depressed mood has not really lifted, but rather bounced during the week from Saturday to Monday to Wednesday ... one can only assume things do not look good for Friday.

So here's how the story goes:

1. The Tenants say they'll pay March's rent on Wednesday (it was obviously due on the 1st but we gave them until last Friday, the 7th ... since they only paid February's on the 29th!). They didn't.

She said she would, but she didn't. (She's now said she'll pay today ... I'm not holding my breath!)

2. We ordered our 8 dining room chairs while on our Midlands Weekend. We were told they'd arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday this week. They haven't and we haven't heard a word.

They said they would, but they didn't.

3. We arranged for the Laminate Flooring Guy to come and assess the damage so we can get the ball rolling with insurance. Friggin' annoying story: Varen's complex was empty for 3 years after the developers built it due to their attempt to sneak one past the building commission. As such they have never completed any snag lists in the units so there are plenty of little minor annoyances ... like missing tiles around the taps etc. The big one for us however is that after this very wet Joburg summer, the wooden floor bubbled up. Badly. Obviously we need this fixed as we can't even use this area of floor space currently. But because it's been 3 years since the floors were put in, the warranty has expired ... never mind that no one was there to use the warranty but whatever. So now it becomes an insurance issue - blegh. So back to this week. The guy said he'd come on Tuesday (all this Tuesday stuff is very convenient as the maid is there ... for about 3 hours :P). He was supposed to phone and get the address before he came thru. He didn't. Varen phoned him. He rescheduled for yesterday afternoon at 5pm. I'm sure you can see where this is going?

He said he would, but he didn't.

Is this a world-wide thing or is it just life in South Africa today? It drives me absolutely barmy. What is wrong with people. I don't want to be told what you think Iwant to hear. I want the truth. If you say you're going to do something, damn well do it. And if you actually can't do it till 2 or 3 days or hell, even a week from now, tell me that! At least then I can effectively plan my life around that. Instead we ended up with a chaotic night last night because
the Laminate Flooring Guy rescheduled for 6pm ... which completely screwed with our BFL gym plan. So Varen raced home to get lunch and dinner prepared beforehand so that we could zoot to gym as soon as the guy was gone. Instead we decided, screw it. We canceled the floor guy. We're hoping we'll find someone who comes out when he says he's going to. I'm not convinced people like that exist anymore.

Where are all those so-called Christians who are supposed to believe "Do unto others ..."? (Which I don't need to be Christian to believe since I just call it common courtesy) Because no one in Joburg seems to remember any of that ... just think about the last time you were in traffic. Every one is out for themselves. Which I do understand. But why does it have to be to my detriment every time? It makes me really just want to stay in bed every morning and ignore the world. But I can't ... because someone has to be responsible :P Sigh.

Oh, and I've also found the gaping flaw in the BFL plan ... you have to gym whether you want to or not. Which I think is actually just a a total waste of time. And there's not space to "make things up" ... if you miss a gym session there's no way to fit it in another time. So suck it up. This is your life. Do it and who gives a crap? See why gyming doesn't work when you're angry. Because I just let those weights slam down, hard and with that loud satisfying clanging noise ... it's the little things that make me feel better.


noodle said...

Sometimes I too get the feeling that people don't give rocks for anyone but themselves. I would never dare be late on my rent payment, but some people just don't care. And they get away with it…

The Divine Miss M said...

Meh. It isn't just South Africa. People are always saying that they'll do things and they don't. I hate the bastards.

*big hugs*

Hope you cheer up soon hon!

phillygirl said...

@noodle - I know ... it would never cross my mind to be late either! And surely you don't live in a place you can't afford?

@missm - So I can't even move to escape it :( Wah!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

ARGH!! There is nothing worse than incompetence and bad service. I'm finding the service is getting WORSE!!

Hope you feel better babe! Chin up!

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