Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cuter by the Day

Okay, so this morning's post is late ... no excuse really, I've just been faffing, catching up with people in my old department and old friends from college.

Last night was pretty cool. I spent another good hour or so outside with Bell before Varen got home. She's definitely getting used to me more and more and doing lot's of half-binkies :)

When Varen got home we both spent some time outside with her, which is good cause it ensures we stop and take some time each day to be together and chat and watch her run around. Then it was off to dreaded gym :P

Later, Brother Zion came over for dinner. Varen made us superb ostrich fillet and we tried out our new microwave steamer on some unsuspecting courgettes ... I can highly recommend it!

It was a lovely evening :)


Anonymous said...

Your bunny is the most *adorable* thing ever!

Yay for a great evening!

phillygirl said...

@jane - I'm going to have to agree with you on that one ;)

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