Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Yay, yay, yay. So for the last few weeks I have been badgered by an estate agent from Richter Properties while he's been trying to sell the place Bean & I own. Sadly it seems that the original valuation we had done by Pam Golding was pure wishful thinking (or just still based on last years constantly rising house prices).

Anyway, last week we got our first offer ... fa, far lower than we'd ever expected. But we counter offered yesterday and the buyer accepted it. I know we'll probably end up making a loss after the agents fee's and VAT and all that ... but I'm just so thrilled to not have this extra thing tying me to Bean and holding me back in a previous life. I mean, Varen & I have a bunny together now, things are moving along :)

Thru this entire Property Palaver, I have become even more certain in my decision to have left Bean over a year ago. The way he has handled this situation has not been ideal and shown him to be the self-involved person he really is at heart. When the world isn't revolving around him and what he's busy doing, well it just doesn't seem to be turning at all ... or at least that's the impression I've been left with after dating him for 2 & half years. Quite a sad reflection, really.

But, now (well, after the sale is completed, so in about 3 months!) I no longer have to deal with him again ... for anything :)

Finally I feel like this ship is turning and sailing off into the sunset. After all the upsets of the past few weeks, things seem to be improving since Thursday last week ... fingers crossed, touching wood and all the rest to ensure I haven't just jinxed it ;)

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