Thursday, March 06, 2008

Disruption in Service

Okay, here's a quick heads up. Glad to be a Girl will probably be unavailable from tomorrow morning (Friday) 8am CAT till Monday morning 8am CAT.

Firstly, I'll be off on yet another team build tomorrow, this time trying to get to know all these new people who are still not talking to me very much (okay, it has only been 4 days). And secondly because I am in the process of attempting to make the domain name (that I've owned for a lot longer than this blog) actually useful to me. Previously I haven't used it because the service provider I'd owned it thru didn't offer a vital thing called CNAMES that you require to use your own domain for a non-ftp blogspot blog. Yeah, I know ... this is way overly technical and who cares anyway, right?

But here's the point. I've spent 24 hours going thru the process of taking back my domain name and subscribing it elsewhere (somewhere that offers these much needed CNAMES) and setting up said CNAME ... but still says: If your new domain isn't taking you to your blog, wait another day or two, to make sure all the DNS servers have been updated.

A day or two? Who here has a blog that could be unavailable for that long? I mean really. So this is why I've choosen to do it a) when I won't be here to post anyway and b) over a weekend. But I must admit I'm scared as hell to do it now, right smack in the middle of SA Blog Awards voting. I mean what will people think of a nominated blog that you can't even access? Probably not much :( Hence my advance warning ....

On the completely other hand, my CNAMES may be up and working within a matter of hours (if you're actually reading this on the weekend, it must be true!) and the blog will be completely accessible thru it's usual blogspot address (which theoretically should just redirect you to my new domain home). Fingers crossed big time! Unfortunately there is a whole other flip side to that coin ... which means that I might've done something completely wrong with the CNAMES and hence will have to revert manually to the good old blogspot address on Monday morning when I get back into work. Double cross those fingers, people!

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