Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sepia-toned Memories

Last night, my first spent entirely at home this week, was quiet. Varen got home late (nearly 7-ish) from work since he'd lazed in bed yesterday morning.

I spent the afternoon finishing Weeds Season 3 and then started going thru some really, really old photographs. I got boxes and boxes of old family documents and photo's when we saw Dad's Dad in Maritzburg. He's moved and they're basically getting rid of all the un-necessary stuff. Which thruout your life you may not believe to be photo's, but once you're done with them, there aren't too many other people who would be interested in all those random shots from your life.

I guess I'm different like that. I want the old family photo's. Yes, and I'd love to know who's in them :) So last night I started going thru it all and I must say, I've ended up throwing away a lot - that was the deal, keep whatever you want and toss the rest ... no one else is interested. But, I've also kept a lot. It's nice to have some of those photo's of young grandparents and of Dad as a teenager ;)

I wonder what'll happen to all my old photo's one day? Especially now that they're mostly burned to CD and kept electronically. Although I am also a big fan of albums so I print out the really special ones. That said, I have quite a backlog of "Pics to Print" ... from about June 2005, I think. But it's all worth it because I think there's something special about paging thru an album with it's bright colours and great memories.

However, I am not one for scrap booking. But I don't keep typical albums either. I especially can not stand those ones with plastic slots for photos. I like to buy those old fashioned photo-corners and stick them into plain papered albums (what normal people would probably call a note- or sketchbook).


Sunrise said...

I have a trigger finger, but never seem to follow through with printing. Sad really, I have just bought a house, so this is my chance to print and PLAK all over the damn place...YAY. Cool blog!

phillygirl said...

@c'nc - Yup, that sounds like a good idea ... But then you have to be really organised and go out and buy the frames. I want to print a bunch of my holiday pics for display, but i never seem to remember "frames" when I'm out shopping!

Glad you like the blog :)

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