Friday, April 18, 2008

The First Official Games Night

Yesterday afternoon / evening turned into quite the run-around. I left here around 15h30 and headed to JofH's offices in Rivonia. I spent half an hour there chatting with him about the figures and the deal is almost signed and sealed. I'm thrilled about this, it's one of those things that just feels right in my gut. And then I wandered around chatting to the other people I already know there already. The really cool thing is that everyone else there also seems as keen about my possible employment there. I hope this spells the start of Great Things.

And then I raced home to spend a little time with Varen and the two buns out in the sun on the grass ... and I took some pics of Henna for you too :) She is such a honey but she's still pretty shy and although she's perfectly quiet & calm when you're holding her, trying to pick her up is a giant mission ... she's pretty speedy for something that tiny :)

I have also included a pic of the two of them together so that you can see how much bigger Bell is ... even tho she's less than a month older. After some much needed outside playtime, we put the buns away for the evening. We've now given them full run of the main en-suite bathroom ... the bath just seemed a little tiny.

And then we headed to Pick 'n Pay to get the snacks for my newly initiated Games Night :) About halfway into our shop, Eskom's load shedding kicked in and we found our selves in pitch darkness for about 30 seconds before their generator started up. Yup, this did not bode well for our electricity at home either.

But even without electricity, the games night was a huge success with 8 keen players :) Varen thankfully built a braai and rather successfully managed to cook the few snacks that should've required the oven. But luckily I'd planned a finger food type array so we didn't do too badly at all! We played both Eco-Fluxx (with a lot of required reading and learning of the new game!) and 30 Seconds. Looking forward to next month hosted by Pianogirl :)


The Jackson Files said...

Ahhhhh night sounds like it was FUN. I'm sorry to have missed it, still next time though.

phillygirl said...

@tjf - definitely, will keep you posted on the details :)

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