Thursday, April 17, 2008

... There's More

So yesterday I left work early to go home and wait for Telkom to arrive and install our DSL line. But not a soul pitched up at our house between 3 & 5pm. Sigh. Freaking typical.

And as soon as Varen arrived home, we took Bell to choose her new friend. She didn't seem especially interested in the 3 little bunnies when we let her run loose with them and ended up choosing a lovely little light brown sister (with big dark brown eyes) for her (there was a little boy, but he'd already been booked ... not that we wanted a boy, thankfully!).

And so Bunny 2, now named Henna, arrived home. We took a few pics last night (unfortunately it was getting a bit dark by the time we got them both home) that I wanted to post this morning, but unfortunately they seem to have been misplaced ... Varen said he put them on my external hard drive last night, but they're no where to be found. Will definitely post a few tomorrow :)

Henna is about half the size Bell is now, although still probably fairly close to how big Bell was when we first got her. But she's already showing signs of having a completely different personality! Where Bell is curious and quite happy to run around exploring her world (and still is!), Henna is skittish and far more shy. We let them both run around on the grass in the garden for a bit when we got home and Henna proved a complete nightmare to try and re-apprehend. We chased after her like mad things for about 10 minutes.

They've spent the night in the bath (neutral territory) and will "live" there for the next few days, except when they're let out to run around in the garden. It helps them bond in an unknown environment before letting them both move back into the hutch, previously exclusively Bell's home ... if you do it before they've bonded, Bell might not be too happy about it.

So, yes. At the moment we're just trying to get Henna familiar with us and being picked up and trying to let her adjust to her new home. Sadly this does not bode well for our "back to Gym" plan ... last night we were supposed to go, but stayed home to play with the 2 bunnies. And we especially came to work early this morning, but I'm off for my meeting with JofH later and then I've gotta get some shopping done before the first Official Games Night this evening :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new bunny!! Can't wait for pics! :)

phillygirl said...

@jane - thanks. will definitely attempt to put up at least one tomor, but I'm sure there'll be way more after the weekend when we'll get to really spend some proper time with her in the sunshine :)

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