Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Resigned

So yesterday was a busy busy day for moi. I got the official offer of employment from JofH's company. Exciting times. And yesterday it all fell neatly into place. I discussed it with my current Manager ... and in his own words "There's nothing I can even say to convince you to stay". He actually apologised to me for the current lack of work situation. You see, before I had my chat with him, I discovered that the project I've been waiting to get involved in has been put on hold (again) because of budget constraints ... so who knows how long this sheer boredom might've continued. At least now I know. Only until 26 May when I start at the new company :) I'm looking forward to it.

I put in a leave request for next week even ... I figure how can they justify no leave in my last month of work as I have *nothing* to hand over and it's not even as if I have any of my own work to do! So there you have it :) The papers are in, the contract has been gone over with a fine tooth comb (okay, so it's not signed yet, but it will be!). Things are looking up job-wise :)

What else? Yesterday was absolutely freezing (okay, so nothing actually froze but still!). And Varen's getting sick which meant gym was another write-off. I'm too afraid to go into the kitchen till later today (after the maid has been) ... so BFL is well and truly off the rails! Annoying but life-changing does not appear to be my strong suit. Other than that, Varen & I just lazed around watching Bones Season 2 with the bunnies.

Henna is still an absolute mission to pick up but Bell is just such an affectionate little girl. She was quite happy lying about on my tummy, letting me stroke her and licking my fingers in appreciation. I hope Henna will catch on soon :)

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