Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Load Shedding & Historical Posts

So not much news ... I played Action Cricket last night and we had a very convincing win :) With some very good bowling by the girls ... mostly because it was to some very inexperienced boys. Sigh, all's fair tho, right?

In the most entertaining news tho, the Hopefully Separated Husband was playing (for his new team, he left our previous department too) last night. And The Ex-Office Crazy was there to cheer him on (or should I say to mostly just hold his stuff ... she's a very dull girl!). > If this makes no sense to you, catch up on the story here and here. Needless to say we didn't even make eye-contact. Although I was hugely tempted to go up to her and say "Hi Tammy" (obviously not her real name ... but her Stalker-name). Pahahaha. I think that would've been great. But I'm an adult and above such things in real life ... but my brain still revels in coming up with them.

Then I went home to find Varen bundled up in bed with his runny nose in the dark. Load-shedding. Sigh. Last night I found out just how disastrous load-shedding actually is. How does anyone plan dinner these days? Or is everyone sans-generator braai-ing on a weekly basis these days? It was a nightmare. He ended up going to get take out Nando's while I lazed in a hot bath. Sounds rude since he was previously bundled in bed, I'm sure. But actually, I had just come from where the nearest powered-up Nando's was (en route home from Action Cricket) and he didn't think to mention it when I told him I was heading home. *And* I 'd been out previously to scout around some of our nearer take-out spots ... but alas they had no power either. *And* he actually waited till I'd given up on the idea of dinner and was in the bath before announcing gallantly that he would go ... since he is the boy and shall provide (yes, he actualyl says things like that!). So it was very sweet of him and much appreciated ... naturally shortly after we'd finished eating and gone to bed, every light in the house burst into light. We couldn't even prepare any lunch for today. BFL doesn't stand a chance in these load-shedding times! It's hugely annoying.

Oh, and I almost forgot ... on top of all that Varen had missed my Action Cricket game to go home and clean the bomb site that was our kitchen. The maid is apparently in hospital (eep! Never a good sign in this country which is rife with AIDS) and we'd sorta left the house in rather a state after Saturday night. I'm so spoilt :)

In other news, I'm very excited about two blogging projects I've set myself for the remainder of my free-time online (or rather till I'm outta this place and set up at the new one). The first I started yesterday. I've decided to do some historical posts about some very specific events, my travels. They're not really going to be deep and meaningful, but more itinerary based with pictures. I think they'll be pretty interesting (naturally) and keep me busy (more important) :) So the very first of the series is up and you can find it in the Southern Africa 2004 section. Keep checking back till the section is complete. Soon to follow are the Singapore + Thailand 2005 and Egypt 2006 sections :) The second is still under wraps till I'm back in May (yay, I'm taking leave next week while Mom is visiting, can not wait!).


Tales of the City said...

load shedding my arse.... blame the government.. or is that not PC? ;-)

phillygirl said...

@toc - the government, eskom, the government ... it's all pretty much the same thing really. Chicken & egg, you know ;)

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