Friday, May 09, 2008

Closing The Can of Worms

Okay. So I've been thinking that yesterday's post needs a little follow up. I don't think I managed to say everything I quite wanted to, or convey it in the right way, mebbe.

I had 2 reasons for writing the post originally, which wasn't explained in enough detail, me thinks.

Firstly it was a personal vent for me. The issue had been eating me up ... you know, the sorta one where you're having pretend conversations with the people in question, formulating your argument and defense properly, long after bedtime in the wee hours of darkness. It's always nighttime that gets me worrying. And here's the thing. I'm actually not confrontational at all. I just stew over the things I should've said or want to say ... but somehow they just float by the way-side in real life. This time I thought I'd put them down on the blog to get them out of my system.

Secondly it was done in the hopes that the situation may be resolved. Even tho I had no idea if any of them were still reading the blog (based on some of the comments I'd heard were made, it was fairly safe to assume I'd been boycotted completely), one could still hope. When it all originally came up I didn't have much of a response to the situation ... honestly, I wasn't aware I'd need one. But a few days later I'd given it some thought and although they weren't talking to me about it anymore (actually I haven't spoken much to any of them since the house warming), I now had something to say. It needed to be said. I felt a burning need to explain that I'd done nothing wrong in my opinion and couldn't understand why I was being lambasted for it.

It's not like I have a Tuesday Dinner mailing list, I went thru my list of email contacts and went: interested, not interested, interested, not interested, not interested
, not interested, not interested, not interested, not interested, interested, not interested - I think you're getting the idea :) There were a *lot* more not interested's in my opinion than interested's ... my inviting criteria was never on a group level. By all means bitch about me if I've been a bitch, but when I really don't think I have, that's just unfair.

I think the weirdest thing is that I don't even feel any animosity towards any of them, not even Daisy. I can see where the misunderstanding came in and just really wish I had the opportunity to make them see things from my point of view too. And I'm not even annoyed about the apparent bitching that went on. I mean, let's be honest here folks, every single one of you could point out the character and personality flaws of the people you love, your friends and your colleagues. As people we notice them all over time, hell I'm sure there are even people you see from a distance and ascribe personality perceptions to too! It's just that usually we choose to ignore them or very least not mention them ... at least not to people's faces. And I can completely understand how one would end up discussing these things when one's feeling victimised. I would to. Alright, let's be honest, I have. No one's perfect.

As I said to one of the group last night in the mere 160 characters an sms allows. I'm actually quite willing to let the whole thing go. Well, with the people who are willing to do the same. And the odd thing is, that although I've heard about comments made as recently as this week, everyone does seem to be acting the same outwardly. So perhaps Varen and I will be brave enough to make it back for dinner when the Action Cricket season is over ... that's still a few weeks away and I have every hope this will all be a distant memory by then :)

Sigh. Let's hope that's the last word on that.

Last night Varen and I skipped gym. It was all his fault, I tell you ... there's no way you an get the man to head to gym after he's poured himself a glass of wine :) Instead we stayed home loving our bunnies and watched Fallen.

Police detective John Hobbes, played by actor Denzel Washington, gains notoriety for capturing wily serial killer Edgar Reese. Immediately after Reese is executed, Hobbes is plunged into the case of a killer who seems to be copycatting Reese. Hobbes's investigation soon leads him to discover that this is no copycat, however; Reese -- or at least the evil that was inside him -- has managed to survive the execution, and is jumping from one body to another to continue killing, and to terrorize Hobbes himself. As the battle of wits between good and evil becomes increasingly personal for Hobbes, he must turn to a theologian's theories on demonology as his only hope for defeating the demon that was inside Reese.

TheBrad has been bugging me for ages to watch it ... I did. And it was okay aside from me being slightly distracted by my bunnies and the fact that it definitely got predictable towards the end. It's and interesting concept tho :)

And finally it's Friday :) This weekend promise to be an interesting one. It's a surprise so I won't mention it here ... till Monday. But keep your fingers crossed for me that tomorrow goes smoothly.


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend!! :)

Mr Jones said...

Some updated bunny pics please!

Mr Jones said...

Ps how are the worms today?

phillygirl said...

@jane - thanks :)

@mrjones - yeah, will hopefully get a few this weekend. It's hard in the fading light when I get home after work! Hard to tell. I'm hoping this will all just fade away. If people want to still get up on their high horses about this, let them. But I'm done with it.

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