Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Much Improved

This morning things are much better :) Varen and I seem to have found an acceptable path to resolve the issues affecting us (they are far more real life than things in your head kinda issues) but I count my lucky stars every day that he's willing to try, just for me :) So we seem to be on the road to recover and we're talking thru things and it really does seem to be helping - keep in mind he's an Afrikaans boy, he needed some prodding in the communication department ;) So I'm feeling upbeat and positive that we can overcome everything ... at least until the next outside influence strikes us down. Sigh.

Yesterday was a pretty fabulous day tho. My birthday present arrived :) Yes, it may seem like a long time coming but I did only order it last week ... I used some money that I was given by my folks & grandparents to make the purchase and I can't tell you how fabulous I think they are. They fit snuggly into the area I measured them up for (it is a precise and exact fit ... you couldn't fit another centimeter of shelves in!) and I spent some time stacking them with all the books that have been littering the landing floor (which is where we're planning the mini-study type area). As you can see from the picture, although I previously thought I had plenty of books, I now have space for loads more! Yippee.

Varen arrived home just before I left for action cricket which was a lovely surprise - I really wanted to be there when he saw my shelves for the first time and share my excitement :) And then I zooted off to Action Cricket ... which we sadly lost. But I was on top form and that's really what counts to me!

Oh and a quick aside. Daddio tried out the Cape Car Care service while he was up here in Jhb. Basically instead of leaving your car parked at the airport (and who can ever find convenient or cheap airport parking these days anyway?) they meet you at the departure's drop-off zone when you arrive at the airport and drive your car off to their storage facility. When you're due to arrive back they'll meet you at the arrival's drop-off zone with your washed and vacuumed car. I must admit he was a little skeptical about the service prior to trying out (would they in fact be there to collect them on time?) but I chatted to him yesterday and he said the service was brilliant, he was most impressed. And I'll mention here that my short fuse with bad customer service comes directly thru Daddio's genes! So for those of you flying from Cape Town, here's a heads up on a fabulous new service that's apparently cheaper than the usual airport parking and you arrive to a clean car as well, what could be better?


K.M. said...

That unit is magic!! I would SO want one myself! I'm trying free floating shelves, and they are TERRIBLE for holding up books.

Anonymous said...

I love that wall unit!! OMG it's GORGEOUS!! :) Glad you and Varen are sorting things out. As you know, J is also (and myself) Afrikaans and I so know what you're talking about!! :)

phillygirl said...

@dbawiw - Yeah I'm loving my unit. My original plan was to mount squares on the wall to make shelves ... and this has square portions! Glad to hear I dodged a bullet with the floating shelves tho :)

@jane - Thanks! Yeah, I guess it's probably a common boy-problem ... made worse by the boer concept of manliness!

The Divine Miss M said...

Cool unit, you have fantastic taste philly :)

Glad things are getting better with Varen, I know you guys will make it work!

phillygirl said...

@missm - thanks hon :) I think we will too!

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