Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just Launched: bloggirls

So, I did mention I had 2 blogging-projects planned and now it's time to launch the second. The first is very nicely under-way with both my Southern Africa 2004 and Singapore & Thailand 2005 holiday retrospective posts complete.

So here is the launch of the 2nd. I've decided to start an event called
bloggirls. I've made a wiki for it that explains the concept and all that, but here's a re-print :)

I had an idea a while ago and while I still have some time before starting my new job, I thought I'd try putting it into practice :) My idea is simple and I'll be starting it in Joburg, but I hope some of my girl-blogger friends will pick up the baton and help this spread worldwide!

Girl-bloggers are different from boy-bloggers, mostly anyway. From what I've noticed, the majority of girl-bloggers tend to do life-blogs. And we read other girl's life-blogs. I thought it would be nice to have a monthly Sunday/Saturday lunch get-together (where you can bring your kids along if you like) and meet up in real life. We all read about each other's daily up and downs and I've read more and more of girl-bloggers meeting up together and becoming friends offline. This magic is a little of what I'm hoping to acheive :)

For the meantime, I'll be starting the one in Joburg, South Africa and hoping it catches on.

If you are interested in attending the first event in Joburg (and you have to be a girl-blogger), just visit the wiki and add your name to the Who's Coming list :) And if you're a girl-blogger from elsewhere and interested in organising a
bloggirls event in your area, check out the wiki for the new email address I can be reached on for bloggirl specific things.


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Lovely idea!! Well done :-) I like being anonymous, but I'll perhaps "grow some balls" and come...although, then I might not be able to attend the girly luncheon. Shit.

The Jackson Files said...

Oooooh...I hope this catches on, there are definitely a couple of people that I'd love to meet in real life.

phillygirl said...

@bb - Being anonymous is one thing from the online world at large, but having a handful of bloggers who read you regularly meet you in person is much the same as having some of your friends know about your blog. I don't expect it'll make to much difference and certainly won't hinder your blogging style ;) It's just nice to sometimes meet the lady behind the words we read everyday ... and that's true for all of us!

@tjf - well then add your name to the Wiki list :) Come on, I picked a lunch-time venue based on your recommendations!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

You're so right!! :-)

phillygirl said...

@bb - Then we hope to see you there :)

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