Monday, May 26, 2008

Starting The New Job

So the weekend was particularly quiet, I think mostly because we'd had such a busy week. But Varen & I spent Friday & Saturday relaxing in front of the TV catching up on all the last episodes of the Series we've been watching lately (most of them finished during the week in the US). It was fab.

We finished (this is going to sound like an awful lot, but it's cause we only watched the few episodes of most series): Bones S3 (super hectic ending!), Criminal Minds S3 (damn, they ended with another to-be-continued to join up with S4 ... waiting desperately!), Desperate Housewives S4 (okay, I did ... while he was fiddling on the computer), Grey's Anatomy S4 (just me again), How I Met Your Mother S4, House S4, Numb3rs S4, Supernatural S3 and The Big Bang Theory S1.

Yep, I told you we barely moved from the couch, breaking in our new Windows Media Center Remote (very handy, ow if only we could get the codecs right!) But he did manged to show me how to download the pics from my camera ... so here's my sweet tiny Henna climbing the stairs (and getting into my book case just like Bell!) for the first time :)

And then on Sunday, Varen & I woke up particularly late (11am!) and I was supposed to be at the first bloggirls lunch at 12. So I woke up in a mad rush, showered and raced off to Nde Bushe, petrified that the London drizzle I'd woken up to would put people off. And for a little while I was the only girl there, hell I was the only girl in the whole restaurant. But not for long :) First Doodles of a Journo showed up and then Sweets & Angel arrived together (they had met each other previously so were one step ahead of the rest of us). And the MsMozi arrived, followed closely by Jackson and The Mom and SleepyJane.

Conversation flowed surprisingly easily and the food was yummy and the venue turned out to be ideal considering the weather, nice and cosy with gluhwein. I am definitely looking forward to next months one :) Which reminds me, after the success of the Joburg lunch, I'm now desperately looking for a girl-blogger in both Durban and Cape Town who would be willing to a) pick a venue b) book the venue and c) attend the event on a monthly basis - keep in mind it needn't be the same person each month! So if you are keen, please visit the bloggirls wiki and let me know!

There wasn't much left of Sunday by the time I got home (at 4pm) but Varen & I spent a lazy evening with the bunnies watching Good Luck Chuck.

Good Luck Chuck is a 2007 comedy film starring Jessica Alba and Dane Cook. The premise of the movie is Chuck is a "good luck charm" lover. That is, women will find their "one true love" after sleeping with him. He then meets a girl who he thinks is his true love.

It was rubbish. Varen even stopped watching about 20 miutes into it and went to play on his computer! I wouldn't even recommend it to people who usually enjoy Romantic Comedy's ... it is completely, predictable from the opening credits!

And now I'm at work ... my new job. I'm typing this on someone else's computer at the moment because I'm waiting to install Windows's on mine (I was going to go with Linux but after attempting to use it on Varen's laptop for the last 4 days, decided it wasn't worth the hassle) but unfortunately, the install cds are in a locked cupboard and the person with the key has yet to arrive - eep, here they come! So that is how I'll be spending my first day :)


Sweets said...

hey there!!
yesterday was fun, thanks to you :)

hope you have a fab first day... i hate those!

Tamara said...

Good luck with the new job! At least it's with a friend.

And thanks for bloggirls. It was so kewl to meet everyone in the flesh.

PS: your bunnies are SO cute! I've changed my mind - don't let the cat eat them ;-)

Jam said...

Thanks for organising yesterday, it was great fun. And I love the bunny on shelf pic. Good luck with the first day!

phillygirl said...

@sweets - my pleasure, I'm glad it was such a hit ;)

@tamara - they are completely adorable, I could never let a cat near them!

and thanks for all the first day wishes guys!

The Jackson Files said...

Hey. Thanks for orgnaising yesterday, I really enjoyed it.

Good luck for today as well.

Anonymous said...

Hope that your first day was great and that all the pc issues are sorted.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of the bunnies! Super adorable! ;)

phillygirl said...

@msmozi & @tjf - thanks guys & I'm so glad you enjoyed. It was fabulous to meet everyone there :)

AngelConradie said...

so how did your first day go?
yesterday was such fun i spent the whole afternoon and evening on a little "high"!
thank you for taking the initiative to do all the organising!
i LOVE the bunny pictures and i'm looking forward to more.

phillygirl said...

@jane - slowly slowly ... as always in a new job ;)

@angel - glad you had a blast, I did too :) And there will definitely be more bunny pics shortly ...

Unknown said...

Sounds like it was a blast!
I'd like to try and make it for the next one.
enjoy your first week.

phillygirl said...

@jenty - would be fab to have you join us, the next list is already up with 3 names :) So get cracking!

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