Monday, May 12, 2008

Venting Works Wonders

I'm feeling quite at ease this morning ... and I had a lovely weekend. I think the vent on my blog last week has really helped me move past the issue (although, sadly it really may only be the tip of the iceberg for some of the others). Either way, I'm happy with the decisions I've made so far and am sleeping easily once again.

Friday night was nice, Varen & I went to see Ironman with some friends at Hyde Park. We started with a lovely dinner at Cappello - I love their Chicken Trinchado!

The big-screen adaptation of Marvel's legendary superhero, Iron Man will launch into Nu Metro Cinemas on May 2, 2008. Oscar nominee Robert Downey Jr. stars as Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, in the story of a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor who is kidnapped by terrorists and forced to build a devastating weapon. Instead, using his intelligence and ingenuity, Tony builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes captivity. When he uncovers a nefarious plot with global implications, he dons his powerful armor and vows to protect the world as Iron Man.

This was a fantastic movie :) Thoroughly enjoyable! Even with some of it's completely unbelievable death-defying feats ... but for Robert Downey Jr, I for one am willing to suspend belief ;) Thanks to EveD for the heads up regarding the scene after all the end-credits, not that it was especially earth-shattering. Oh, and not a particularly impressive "welcome back to filming" for Gwyneth Paltrow but hey ...

Saturday went more smoothly than expected. I went to the Shape Health and Wellness Workshop with GalleryGirl. About 2 months ago (well before all the drama), GalleryGirl organised tickets to the Workshop as a birthday surprise for Daisy. Ironically enough, I was the only one of the Tuesday Dinner Girls to accept the invite. Saturday could've been a truly awkward day! But by Friday afternoon Daisy wasn't speaking to GalleryGirl (they have some of their own issues to resolve, apparently this has been a long time coming but it was all brought to the forefront by my blog posts last week) and even tho she didn't know what had been planned for her on Saturday (or that I'd even be there), she decided she wouldn't be joining us. Which left GalleryGirl and I with 2 spare tickets (Daisy & her mom were supposed to join the fun). Luckily a colleague of GalleryGirl's and her sister, Squeak (decided it was high-time she got her own nickname), managed to fill the gap.

It was an amazing day, well worth the 480 bucks per person :) The venue, Summer Place, although ostentatious, was perfectly suited to the event. The food thruout the day was absolutely delish ... and apparently just as healthy! And our speakers were brilliant! First we had Dr. Carol Benn on Breast Awareness and then Alison Sparg, a Chartered Accountant (SA) with over 10 years of commercial and corporate experience, speaking about Financial Wellbeing ... I'm sure this topic is invaluable to some women, but she wasn't saying anything I didn't already know. Which was just as fabulous to learn :) After the tea-break, we had the first Black female mountaineer in the world (a South African!), Deshun Deysel speak to us which was completely fascinating. I mean climbing mountains is not my idea of fun, but she has certainly accomplished some amazing things! And then we had Durban's Traffic Guy, Johann van Bargen, speaking about Anti-Hijacking techniques. Very interesting!

And then after lunch we got a chance to sample some therapies ... I tried the Body Talk System which was quite accurate and Aura-Soma which wasn't that accurate and seemed a lot like the Colour Therapy I'd had by Lady ... which was way more spot-on! And then we found the queues were just too long for some of the other things so ended with a 10 minute Neck and Shoulder massage by Hands on Healing ... the place I'm planning to spend my birthday Spa gift voucher from JofH and YogaCherryl! Nice to have a sneak preview :)

Oh, and don't let me forget the goodie bags as we left ... I'd highly recommend getting yourself to the next one if you can! Anyhoo. That evening Varen & I got all dolled up and went to his folks for their Housewarming / Annual Formal Dinner. And even tho I was quite tired from my busy day, it turned out to be a lovely night ... with a vast amount of food :)

Sunday was very quiet. Varen & I got the bulk of the week's shopping done and then he headed off to Mother's Day lunch while I stayed home with my bunnies. I really just needed a day of nothingness after being out all of Saturday. I took loads of new photo's as requested ... can't believe how they've grown. Bell is being so darling, I just love her curious nature. Now that Henna is big enough, we let them have free access to the house & garden when we're home on weekends (and when it's actually light, trying to find Henna in the dark is tricky!).

And Bell has a new game. She's learnt to climb up all the stairs ... and luckily back down too :) It's so cute, but now I have to keep making sure the doors upstairs are shut so she can only get to the landing / study area. She must've gone up and down those stairs at least 10 times yesterday :) Henna is still just eating like she's planning to hibernate. Cutey.

Managed to get a pic of Bell exploring my fab new shelves, on the landing. And Henna definitely enjoyed my Shape magazine (from the goodie bag) ... she did give it a nibble but obviously decided it wasn't food ;)

And yes, I did remember to phone the Mom for Mother's Day yesterday ;)


Mr Jones said...

Clearly Bell is a literary chick.. I dont think I approve of Henna's reading material tho! Cute photos. Ta!!

The Jackson Files said...

Your bunnies are just the cutest things.

Can I ask a question though, do they bite?

I had rabbits when I was a child and they bit - A LOT. As a result, I am rather more afraid of rabbits than I am snakes and spiders.

phillygirl said...

@mrjones - yeah, Bell's definitely the girl with more personality ... luckily Henna has her darling looks ;)

@tjf - Bell has bitten me once or twice but never broken the skin. I just got a fright.

boldly benny said...

What a lovely weekend - I think I must look out for these Shape Workshops! Your bunnies are TOO cute.

phillygirl said...

@bb - Yep, the next one in Joburg is in Nov and tickets sell out quite quickly I gather. But well worth it :)

noodle said...

Bodytalk is amazing, I have been doing it for about 3 years and find it very beneficial…

phillygirl said...

@noodle - always good to hear reviews :) am wondering what the difference between body talk & kinesiology is?

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