Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bunny Update

Well last night was fairly quiet, as usual for a Monday ;)

We skipped gym cause Varen was still feeling sore from practicing his golf-swing, hell and my shoulder was pretty stiff too. And I proceeded to give myself a seriously painful bruise on my calf by almost slipping in the bath. Seriously, it's sore when I walk even ... this morning still. And it's raised a nice bright colourful mark! Sigh.

But I thought that perhaps it was time for another bunny update - I even took some more pictures of them yesterday afternoon :) Mostly cause it's I arrived home to find Varen playing on his laptop and the bunnies running in the garden. Sounds about perfect, right? So I went outside to say hello to the buns and found Bell to be less than her sparkly white self. Turns out someone had managed to chew thru the charcoal bag and began rummaging in the coal, giving her quite an amusing grey face and paws :)

She was also terribly difficult to get a good pic of because they've both become very friendly and she keeps moving and running around me when I lie on the grass to try catching a good shot.

Henna has also become a real little darling. We've taken to hand feeding them the basil and mint or whatever (so that we can make sure that they mostly get their fair share because Henna eats like she thinks she might wake in a desert tomorrow morning!) and she'll jump up onto my lap to eat and follow me around when it's gone, just in case I have any more. It's too cute :) She's also grown a lot and developed this hysterical (Varen & I try not to laugh too much at her tho!) orange stripe on her forehead. I mean, it's probably the same colour as the bulk of her body fur, but her ears are tinged darker by the "blue" genes and because the darker fur extends down around her eyes, it ends up leaving this orange-looking stripe (as you can quite clearly see in the photo!). I must say she's far easier to photograph than Bell :)

She also supremely impressed her mom on Sunday evening :) They've gotten to the stage where they are smelling the ground to determine where to do their business and regularly going in the same place, prime time to start potting training! So we bought (an in hindsight too small) pot-plant base to use as their "potty", lined it with newspaper and set it in their current spot of choice (this is only for when they're inside the house, obviously). While Varen & I were cuddled watching The Other Boleyn Girl, Henna climbed into the pot-plant base and turned around abotu 3 times before perching. I was hoping she was going to the loo, but she looked like she just might've found somewhere slightly warmer than the floor to sit. But when she got up and ran off, she'd made her mom very proud and used the "potty" for the first time :) We didn't have as much luck last night, but Rome wasn't built in a day ;)

Am so loving these cute little bunnies :)


boldly benny said...

They're just too cute for words! I'm a bit of an Almeira and would probably be picking them up every two seconds!

Sweets said...

is charcoal a treat? who knew!

cute bunnies!!

Tamara said...

Funny bunny - eating coal! Then again, my cats love avocado.

Charmskool said...

Ooo they are so sweet. Love the grubby charcoal face.

phillygirl said...

yes, the charcoal thing wasn't exactly intentional ... and I don't think (or rather ,I hope not) she was eating it, probably just nudging it around with her face and paws (as you an see from where the bulk of the grey fur is) trying to work out what it was.

;) sigh, you just can't watch them every minute ... and I'm definitely more likely to let them do something while i snap funny photos and rush in to stop them later - this does not include playing with cats & snakes tho, obviously :)

@benny - they get picked up plenty, it's a real perk of their size :)

@tamara - I think the avo thing is still pretty weird ;)

Anonymous said...

Awwww! That's adorable! Can you tell me what your secret is to potty train?! Gah! :) They are really cute and I love the stipe on Henna's head.

phillygirl said...

@jane - I'm beginning to think that the potty training was just dumb luck ... but I guess it takes time, I mean they're both over 3 months now and we haven't even bothered to try until now :) Good luck with your pups tho!

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