Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Food, Glorious Food

Well I am in a much better mood this morning :) Varen & I got to spend a little quality time at home yesterday afternoon (until he got annoyed with Henna for making him chase her round the garden for about 15 minutes cause she just wouldn't come inside!). And then I went out for dinner with Band.

Logo for Cafe SophiaWas fabulous to see her again, even under the guise of handing over her old Bookclub books :) We tried out a new little tapas bar in Greenside called Cafe Sophia (no discernible web prescence, sadly ... but it's opposite Cafe Flo). I will be going back. They have a fab range of cocktails (although we stuck to the red wine) and dinner was delightful. I love picking from a wide variety of flavours and their pricing works according to plate combinations. We decided to have 8 plates at R106 (or thereabouts) which was perfect for two girls who weren't completely starved. Band ended with chocolate & banana spring rolls and I just tried their espresso cup of Spanish Hot Chocolate (I think it's pretty much just liquid chocolate with a splash of milk or something). It was fab.

Updated 29Aug2008: Yay, Cafe Sophia has just recently been added to Dining Out :)

Yesterday I also tried Teriyaki Experience for lunch (since Varen did nothing to keep our fridge stocked while I was away this weekend). It's recently come to South Africa and opened in Chili Lane (Rivonia). The food was tasty, I must admit, but the portions sizes are huge and you're certainly paying for it. I think I'd be far more likely to go back if they had a half portion (at half the price!)


boldly benny said...

Cafe Sofia is just my BEST! I discovered it in CT last year and forced my whole family to eat there whenever I visited. I was thrilled at the start of this year when I discovered it had opened in Greenside! I even celebrated my birthday there!

The Jackson Files said...

God I love Tapas.

Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Anonymous said...

Food...*drools* I didn't have lunch now I'm super hungry! :)

phillygirl said...

@benny - it'd be a fab birthday venue :) and it's so nice the way you can just choose a vareity of plates for a set price! I am definitely going back ... and taking Varen next time.

@tjf - then you simply must try it! Thanks.

@jane -sorry ;)

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